My First Major

Here I am, back with the From Firsts to Lasts link up!
I did this once before where I talked about the first random song that pops up on my iTunes and fun stuff like that. It was a little embarrassing, but hey, have to share that stuff too, right?

First Major in College
Early Childhood Education. And no, it is no longer my current major.
In high school I volunteered with the two and three-year-old's at my church every Sunday. I enjoyed it so much that I actually ended up being one of the teachers every other Sunday. After doing this for a year or so, I came to the incredible conclusion that I really wanted to work with kids when I "grew up." This was a huge step for me since I was still just going with my first grade dream job of being a maid.

Yes, I am being serious. I thought it would be awesome to have a belt
around my waist with all the cleaning supplies in it...

Anyways, the obvious career choice seemed to be a preschool/kindergarten teacher, and I signed right up. During my first semester of college, however, my dad talked me into becoming an Occupational Therapist. I could still work with kids, but it would be better money (really not something I care about, just for the record). So I switched my major to Psychology after looking at the pre-requisites to get into OT school, and noticed that there were a lot of overlapping classes, and I could just have a thematic minor in OT to take the rest of the classes I needed. So I should feel pretty good, right? Eh. Now I mainly just feel like this:

I really don't think I do this though...I don't want to be a therapist. But some people assume I do because of my major. I usually just smile and wave because they probably have a better idea of what they're talking about than I do.

But I'm definitely feeling like this. Even though going to OT school is still an option, I'm not ready to commit to two and a half years of expensive graduate school.
Currently I'm leaning towards working with children with special needs. If I enjoy my summer job as much as I think I will, then we'll see where this amazing Psychology degree takes me next.
As much as people make fun of psychology degrees, I do like the fact that I'm not "tied down" to one specific career path. It is keeping my options open which I think is really great. Then again I am a little defensive about it, especially since my boyfriend's family once told me that the most pointless degree to get is a psychology degree. To be fair, I was not yet a psychology major...and it's now funny because his major is Behavioral Science, which is really just a fancy way to say psychology. Yes, we are that cute couple that have the same majors. ;)

So I actually really don't feel like writing about the second question, which is First Date Success Story. It's not at all that I don't want to write about it, it's just that I feel far too lazy to do it right now. Oh my gosh, I'm so pathetic. I am literally just sitting on my couch doing nothing, and yet I'm too lazy to sit on my couch and write??
*Hangs head in shame*
If you would like to read about it, I'll turn it into my That Time I post tomorrow!

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