Summer Favorites - A Job!

Today I am linking up with Chelsea over at The Girl Who Loved to Write!
Her link-up is summer favorites, which she gave the idea of recipes, party ideas, DIYs, etc.
So I know what you're thinking, Why the heck would she put a job as a summer favorite??

I'll keep this short because I don't have pictures and I know some people just click away when it's all a bunch of words.
(No hard feelings, I do it too when I'm not in the mood to read a lot.)

Although summer is usually thought of as a time to relax, take vacations, and even sit on the couch all day, that is not what my summer is looking like.
This summer I got hired to work at the Jewish Community Center in my college town.
They hold summer camps for pretty much all ages and they do everything from a regular day camp, to sports camp, to leadership camps.
I will be working in the day camp with ages Kindergarten through 2nd grade, but specifically I will be an advocate to a participant with special needs.

I cannot tell you how excited I am. I'm pretty much getting paid to go to camp myself, although I obviously have a lot more responsibility than just having fun.
I am really excited to be an advocate because I have taken a few special education courses and they have been some of my favorite. So much so that I am thinking of having my career be something along the lines of working with children with special needs - although I really don't know what yet.
I'm hoping that this summer job can give me some insight into what I really want to do with myself after I graduate. 
So far I have only been through Orientation. The actual camp starts on Tuesday!

And the whole point of this post is to really say that having a summer job doesn't have to be terrible! If you are doing something you love, you can definitely still have an amazing summer, even if it is filled with work. And it can possibly even turn into your summer favorite!

So go to Chelsea's blog and link up your summer favorite!
I would love to see some favorite recipes or DIY projects because my weekends are still wide open to do fun stuff like that. :)

And before I go, I'm just curious if any of you have a summer job that you genuinely enjoy? Or if you possibly had a part-time job that turned into an awesome career! Let me know, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Great post! Your job is so important and I'm sure you're doing an amazing job! :) I just started nanny full time and Love it. It's tiring but being around kids is what I love to do!!

  2. Stopping by from the Summer Link Up! Great way to look at a summer job! I love the name of your blog! It's like a breath of fresh air! Stop by and see me sometime! Have a great weekend!


  3. You're pretty much one of my favourite people ever. You have such a good heart! My favourite summer job had to be when I was working at a hotel. I worked inside and outside and got to attend lots of summer events for free!

  4. Such a great post!!! I think alot of people would be more happy at a their job if they thought of it this way. I know many who have worked at camps and such and absolutely love it!!! Thats so great that you are an advocate for a special needs person. Maybe I'm just being biased though. Because I am special needs myself I always find it great when someone else wants to step in the role of helping. Special needs children are amazing. And I'm not talking about myself lol. Many people dont give them a chance because they are different but really they arent. Its such a rewarding experience to take on. They can be the sweetest funniest and make great best friends.

  5. Hey Emily! Thanks for checking out my blog. SUCH a small world lol! :) Your summer job sounds amazing, I am really wanting to work with special needs kids as well. But we will see what the future holds right...? Lol, I wish someone would just tell me what to do! Now following your blog :)

    xo, Ainslee


    1. Thank you! Do you know what you would want to do specifically? I know what you mean though, graduation is only six months away but there is absolutely no telling what may happen! I sometimes wish that, too. Freedom is great and all, but please tell me what I should do with my life, haha.

  6. Have a wonderful time at camp! I love working with kids! It is so great you get to spend your summer doing something you love! My favorite summer job was teaching swim lessons, kids are just way too fun!

  7. Congrats on the job, girlie! :) I don't work in the summers now that I'm teaching, but all through college, I worked at an animal hospital over the summers, and I absolutely LOVED it! Summer jobs can be really fun! :)

  8. I nominated you for a Liebster award (in case you hadn't read it on my blog). Read my "Winning" blogpost to find out the rules. :)

  9. Working at a summer camp sounds awesome! especially with a bunch of little ones (:
    Congrats to you on getting the job.

  10. I totally agree with you! Also, even if you have a full time job throughout the summer, there's still something more relaxed and adventurous about the summertime!

    1. I am with you on that! Summers are always exciting!


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