That Time I (Had My First Successful Date)

Not only is this my weekly That Time I post, but it is also a continuation from yesterday's link up with Halie.
Yesterday I wrote about my first major. The second prompt was First Successful Date Story, and I liked it so much I decided to extend it into its own full post!

I consider Dillon my first successful date seeing as how our relationship lasted more than a month and one week (my record, twice, before D).

Just a little background, Dillon and I had known each other for over a year before we ever started talking in "that way." We had a couple classes together and were stand partners in orchestra.

The first time we hung out outside of school was nothing too exciting.
He asked if he could come over so we could watch The Strangers together. I guess I said yes, because come over he did. To make it a little less awkward, I had my sister come and watch the movie with us (maybe that made it more awkward??).
Well that was just a stupid movie. I don't know why I ever agree to watch scary movies, but he still ropes me into it to this day. But you know, it was cute because he held me as I jumped in fear and mainly watched the movie through my hands.

After the movie was over, we decided to watch a happy movie (doesn't everyone do this after watching a scary movie??). I chose Across the Universe on a whim, just because it was one of my recent favorite movies and I really didn't know what else to watch. Little did I know, Dillon is obsessed with The Beatles and that time period. Score for me because I swear it's the reason he fell in love with me (joking...kind of).

So that was the first time we hung out, but since my sister was there for all of it, and we just stayed at my house, I guess it may not be considered a "real date."

A few weeks later (he went on a cruise with his family, otherwise I'm sure we would have hung out sooner ;) he asked if we could hang out New Year's Eve. Again, I guess I said yes!
He came over and we played a little Wii Sports with my family. That was a lot of fun, and especially cute to see him play with my younger cousins.
A few of our mutual friends were in a band and were playing that night, so off we drove to the church they were playing at. Were they good? Well, we did hear the last 30 seconds of their song from the parking lot! Whoops. We left shortly after but almost couldn't leave because apparently it was a "lock in" and we were supposed to stay there all night - it was only slightly embarrassing that I had to call my mom to convince the people we did have "permission" to leave.

After that we went to a house party where his band was playing. That's right...Dillon was in a band in which he played the drums, in which his skills came straight from playing Rock Band...swoon!
However, since he was on said cruise, he wasn't playing because he wasn't around to practice with the band.

After that we drove back to my house to ring in the New Year with my family. He was too nervous to kiss me right at midnight - it would have been our first kiss and he didn't want to do it front of my whole family. But don't worry, I got my kiss shortly after. :)

New Year's Eve (one year after our first date).

My favorite part of the night, however, was driving in his truck and just being able to talk. He asked me a lot of questions, like what my favorite color was, etc. And we named his truck because we're cool like that.
Alejandro the Red Flying Machine Johnson.
I seriously LOVED that truck. It held special meaning to Dillon, and it now holds special meaning to me because there are so many memories surrounding that truck. Unfortunately the truck has now been sold. I seriously had tears in my eyes the day we drove up to his house and his truck was no longer in the drive way. Sentimental much?
We did take a picture together in front of the truck before he left us, but his mom has the picture and I haven't gotten it yet. But here is one of my favorite pictures of us driving around in his truck.

So there you go, that time I had my first successful date.
Not the most exciting or romantic story but hey, it lead to an amazing relationship that is three years and counting. So it's special to me. :)

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And a big thank you to Hayley over at A Beautiful Exchange joining us as she writes about that time she saw $500 get run over. The story makes me cry a little, not going to lie.

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  1. You two are so cute. At least now you'll get to make memories with him in his new truck! :)

  2. Sounds like a great first date! Super cute!!

  3. You two are adorable :) I love that his car had a special meaning to y'all! Steven's car had that too, now his sister drives it ha! Have a safe drive to your man today!!


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