Crockpot Chicken Tacos

I love when I find recipes that are simple. Especially now that the end of the semester is here, I have been far too lazy to make myself a super complex meal.
I have made these crockpot chicken tacos a few times, and they are delicious.

Yes...it's really only three ingredients!
Dump all this into your crockpot and mix it around a bit.
I have a smaller crockpot so I cut all this in half, which still makes a lot!
Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 6-8 hours.
Once it's cooked, the chicken will shred easily, I just use a couple forks!

Then create your tacos! I took this picture from where I found the original recipe because it just looks so much prettier than mine did.
I like to add guacamole, sour cream, and shredded cheese!

It is super easy to make, and extremely delicious!

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Weekend and Monday Mess-Up

Hey ohhhh. Happy Monday! At least I'm trying to think of it like that.
Are you feeling bad about your Monday? Here's a little story that might make you feel a little better.

I am a full-time student and I also work a part-time job on campus as a wonderful student desk assistant.
My job mainly consists of sitting at a desk staring at a computer, in which I'm usually catching up on blogs, on pinterest, facebook, or catching up on watching TV shows.
I KNOW. Super hard job.
But then there are those occasional times I actually have to do something, like make copies.
So this morning a professor (I work as a desk assistant in the Russian Department) came up to me and asked me to make 16 copies of a document.
Simple enough, right?
Apparently not.
I went over to the copy machine, put in the papers, and stood waiting for the copies to be done. It was taking longer than I expected so I looked at the little information thing and it was trying to spew out 76 copies! 
Luckily I caught it in time, and only made about 10 copies over the amount I was supposed to. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them. I can't waste them, right?!
It's Monday people, no judging.

So here's my weekend.

Friday: I had a chemistry exam that went from 5-6:30pm. Yes, my professor is cruel like that. I was so exhausted from the week that I really didn't want to do anything afterwards, so I just went home and watched Netflix all night.

Saturday: I went to Starbucks with a friend who was visiting Tucson for the weekend. We have been friends since high school but only occasionally meet up to catch up. It was so nice to sit and talk for a couple hours. She's getting married in December so it mainly consisted of me asking a ton of questions about that (I love wedding talk!). I actually like being old enough now to have coffee dates with friends to catch up. It's a lot of fun! 
Then, since I was already out, I forced myself to go to the library for a few hours to get some studying done. Finals week is coming up...oh joy!

Sunday: Woke up just in time to watch the boy's baseball game. They had live video this weekend, which was really cool! Also finished up a big assignment and turned it in. It is so nice to finish things early!

Yeah...that was my weekend. Super exciting, right? They usually aren't...haha. And I failed to take any pictures all weekend. I'm great at that, too!

I just have three more days of classes, and then it's finals time! This month went by SO fast, but I won't complain! And I love me some cute quotes to get me through the week the day!

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That Time I (Left the Country for the First Time)

Woah, new blog design! 
I apologize DEEPLY if you happened upon my blog during the time when I was changing everything. I promise I was just trying to make it purty! It was seriously a mess though at one point...I'm pretty sure I have everything fixed but if you notice something off please tell me!
But also let me know if you like the new design! Not too much has changed, I just tried to clean it up a bit.

So I'm starting a new "series" up in here. I only recently started blogging in January of this year, and honestly even though I try to pretend my life is interesting, it hasn't been all that exciting lately. SO, I decided I would do "That Time I" posts, which will be about my times past. I generally try not to live in the past, but there are some things that are worth remembering.

Without further ado adieu ado (I looked it up to make sure I used the right one) - which I now see as an oxymoron because doing all that and typing this is definitely not without fuss - I bring you:
That Time I Left The Country for the First Time.

After Dillon's first year at the academy, he was itching for travel. Understandably so, they were barely allowed to leave base all year. He decided he wanted to travel outside our wonderful USofA, and I am pretty sure I recommended Canada. It was outside of the country, but somewhere that wouldn't be so ridiculously expensive I would have to take out more student loans.

And yes, this was my first time out of the country. I have lived in Arizona my entire life and have still not been to Mexico. Shocking, I know. But I am so happy that I was able to first do this with Dillon. It was an amazing trip, and was extremely nice that it was just us together for an entire week.
I'll just show you the trip in pictures and a few comments here and there. I hope you enjoy!
All these pictures are taken on my iPhone/not-so-nice camera. I apologize if the quality isn't amazing.

Our first adventure was riding a tandem bike around Stanley Park along the sea wall. I was honestly really nervous - I don't ride bikes often and neither me nor Dillon had rode tandem before. It ended up being so much fun, especially because I really didn't have to do anything, and it was SO beautiful.

On said bike trip, we stopped at the Tea House for lunch, spent a couple hours at the Vancouver Aquarium where I stood staring at this ginormous turtle for a good ten minutes, and saw these awesome totem poles.

And then there was Chinatown. We had a lot of fun in the first shop we went into (I'm hoping the guy didn't hate us). Then we went to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Park and Garden. Both equally pretty, and so incredibly peaceful.

Our last full day was spent whale watching! It was so cool (literally and figuratively), and I know you all agree we look fiiiine in those yellow suits. The top right is a picture of the humpback whale we saw - it was literally a foot from our boat at one point, but of course I didn't have my camera ready at the time (fail). The bottom right is one of the orca we saw. We ended up seeing a mama and her two babies. Also, did you know these "killer whales" aren't even whales? They're freakin' dolphins.
Mind. Blown.

And to ensure that this post isn't too extremely long, here are just some random pictures from our trip:
If you don't think that Google Canada is awesome you're wrong.

Food. Hands down my favorite thing, and it was so awesome to try all these places that were unique to Canada. Personally, I love french fries, so as long as I can get them I'm happy.

Up on Grouse Mountain just chillin' with some awesome bears. Super weird - I had a dream the other night that bears were taking over the world like a bear apocalypse. Anyways, apparently I like to take pictures with my eyes closed, too.

Date night. Vancouver's equivalent to Starbucks (which was equally if not more delicious). And come on, this Safeway is so awesome. I think we were more fascinated with the small things.

Day trip to Granville Island. We had to take the public bus system, and we didn't get lost or take a wrong bus! Super huge accomplishment. And a custom made broom store, hello Wizarding World.

Cool scenery (but bad quality photo). Digital Orca (it's massive, if you can't tell). And the Olympic Torch!

And here we are being good tourists, taking pictures with scenery in the background.

Definitely one of the best vacations ever. This week with my man was much needed, and he has instilled a passion for travel in my soul (stay tuned for more That Time I: Travel Editions). 

What was your favorite vacation? Have you been out of the country, or did it take you 20 years or more before doing it?

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Sassy Emily?

So lately I've been told by multiple people that I'm sassy.
Adjective: Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
And my favorite synonym: saucy.

Honestly...I have never been called sassy before, in all my 20 years of life. I have always considered myself quiet, shy, reserved, introverted, etc. 
So now that in the past month at least five people have claimed I'm sassy, I guess I'm starting to believe them.
I attribute this new-found sassy-ness to this wonderful blog world. I do not think I am just trying to fit in, and therefore am changing myself. No, I would not say that.
I mean...I've always been funny (or at least I think I am...usually I can get pity laughs from my boyfriend, but if I can make myself laugh that's all that matters...right?!? 

However, when people call me sassy I honestly can't tell if they mean it as a compliment. I mean, that fancy definition I gave seems like it would be a good thing, right?? I want to be full of spirit, goshdarnit!

So in honor of this "I'm-not-so-sure-being-sassy-is-considered-a-good-thing-but-I'm-rolling-with-it" thing I got going on, here is some of my favorite sassy gifs:

*Honey Boo Boo approves of this message.

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Weekend and Update

Okay, really my weekend wasn't exciting at all. Friday night was fun - I went out for Chinese food (that wasn't Panda Express), finally saw Safe Haven (amazing! and it didn't bother me that it was different from the book), and then helped my bff Becca make a blog. She hasn't posted anything yet, but trust me, you'll want to follow her! Remember that super cute video I posted about here? That was her, and she is beautiful and amazing and yeah...go follow her!

Haley was lucky enough to go to Fresno to see her man pitch this weekend, and was thoughtful enough to send me a picture of my man pitching!

Saturday I did laundry (which I hadn't done for what felt like a month) and cleaned my room. I am loving having a full closet and a clean-looking room. Oh, I also stared at my computer screen for about six hours watching Dillon's baseball game on a game tracker. Really not the most exciting, but I have been enjoying watching the games, even when he's not pitching! (He did do really good when he did pitch, though!)

Ignore the score, just look at that handsome man on the bottom right. :)

Then I went to in-n-out with my roomie and we watched a few episodes of Homeland. It's getting so good!
Dillon was also getting in-n-out, so we said we were having an in-n-out date, and sent pictures of our food to each other. I know, we're cute. ;)

Today I did a lot of homework and then a lot of being lazy.  

 This isn't even my cat (or any of my roommates cats, for that matter) but he/she loves to press buttons on my keyboard while I'm trying to do homework/watch Dillon's game. Even managed to press the wi-fi button so I freaked out because my internet was out.

 And I cleaned my turtle's tank. See him on my bed? He definitely was supposed to stay wrapped up nice in the towel so he didn't fall off my bed like last time. I swear I'm a good turtle mommy, but he just doesn't like to stay put!

Oh, and the "update" part, besides updating you about my glorious weekend, is that I have a couple new pages for you to check out! I made an "about me" page, which the boyfriend said should have been the first thing I did when I made a blog, so therefore I'm a terrible blogger, and also a "sponsor/contact" page. I'm only offering ad/button swaps right now, but would love for you to check it out! I will add more if/when I feel it's the right time, or if people express interest in different options!

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Monday Already?

Yes...it's that day again. I'm sure everyone everywhere says this, but the weekend went by way too fast.
What did I do, you may ask? Just hung out with these awesome people:

The Hunger games is on Netflix - SCORE!
And Doctor Who is back - DOUBLE SCORE!
Hello nerd

Anyways...this week actually isn't too bad for me. Most everything I have is due next week, so it's mostly me just watching TV and procrastinating getting a head start on those things.

Here is some encouragement for your week!

Also, my prayers go out to those in Boston and those of you who have loved ones there. God is watching over you.

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Unexciting Blog Post Title

Just some pictures and words. Enjoy!

 I had a job interview today (Friday) for a summer job! I'm really hoping it works out, because it will help me to get an idea about what I actually want to do with my life. Ugh, graduation is coming soon and I still don't know...wonderful.
Received these awesome mid-finger rings from AidenModernVintage via Ashley over at The Hawkins. A really simple yet cute accessory, and they were free! Loooove giveaways. :) Also, my nail polish isn't chipped...it's abstract.

And if you can't figure out which picture goes with which description...welllll I'll just leave it at that. ;)

 Last weekend I was able to see my man again. Sad circumstances, but we made the most of the little extra time together. Boyfriend seriously took advantage of this extra weekend home and decided to buy a new truck - his first real big-boy purchase! Too bad for him, it's being stored at my house until he's allowed to have it on campus. Lucky for me, I get to drive it up to him sometime over the summer. Woohoo?
Also, went to the tennis courts and played Tennis with the boyfriend and his brother. His brother is pretty amazing...he's one of only two freshman on the varsity team at his high school. So proud of him!

My little brother is growing up. Sigh. He went to his first prom with his girlfriend...remember that fortune cookie? She said yes! How could she not to that face?? He's so grown up, I was definitely not prepared to see him lookin' so fly in his tux. Gosh that was lame. And then me and Dillon just HAD to take a picture together. He insisted!!

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Taco Salad

Okay, this is one of my favorite foods to eat. It is so yummy, on the healthy side, and super easy to make. My mom has been making this for our family for a long time, and it is one of the few recipes I carried with me into college. Not because my mom doesn't make good food...it's because I'm usually too lazy to do anything more than mac & cheese for dinner. And not the regular kind, the Phineas and Ferb mac and cheese, thank you very much.

So here are the ingredients:

Honestly, you're just going to throw all those things in a bowl and call it good. PLEASE brown the meat. Unless you're into that kind of thing, eating raw meat and stuff. And then I would put it in the refrigerator for a while before serving. Other than that, you're golden. The brands are variable, use whatever you want. Ground turkey, ground beef, whatevs. I've used both. You can make a huge bowl and add all these things in by the handful if you have a family to serve, but since I cook for myself (this isn't really cooking, is it?) I just make one bowl at a time. 

And you can obviously eliminate or add anything you want. I haven't always made it with corn, and my mom usually adds tomatoes and red peppers to hers. It's one of those salads that you may not have thought of before, but is super easy to tailor to your taste buds.


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First Thing's First

Lately I have realized that I really only post when I have something to say about me and Dillon. And as much as I love that man, and I love our adventures together, I really want this blog to be more than just me and him. He's a huge part of my life, so it's natural that I post a lot about him, but I also want to document other parts of my life. So here is a new link-up that I'm going to try out! I like this week's topics, and link-ups are always pretty fun. :)

First Pinterest Project or Recipe I Attempted
I honestly don't do many pinterest projects/recipes. I want to, and I try! But it always ends up being a little too expensive for my poor college girl self. However, I have done a few, and although I don't remember which was necessarily my first, here are my most recent:
Project: Memory Jar
Recipe: Two-Ingredient Cookies

First Random Song That Pops up on my iTunes
Since I'm at work, I just used my phone, which has a limited amount of songs. The first song that popped up is Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It by Dem Franchize Boyz. Well...that's embarrassing.

First Product I Use in the Shower
The first thing I do in the shower is wash my hair. Depending on the day, that can either be with shampoo or with baking soda. (You can see why I use baking soda here.) I honestly have no idea what brand shampoo I have because I always just buy the cheapest stuff on the shelf. Have I gotten the point across that I'm a poor college student yet?? 

First Things First

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USAFA Baseball: Las Vegas

Have you missed me?? Just kidding. But really. This week has been crazy. I have a chemistry exam tonight, and studying for it has taken over my life. That, plus since I'm going home again this weekend (yay boyfriend is coming home!) I have been trying to get everything done early...and have failed miserably at it. Oh well.

Last weekend I was able to drive up with Dillon's mom and brother to Las Vegas to see him play baseball! It is the first game they've had that was in reasonable driving distance from us (only a six hour drive), so we jumped at the chance. I was really grateful that his mom invited me without hesitation. It saved me a lot of $$$.

So I took off work on Friday, skipped asked my professors if it was okay for me to miss class, and we set off on our road trip at 8am. The whole weekend was kind of a tease as far as seeing the boy. It was an hour or two here and there between baseball, team activities, and curfew. But something is better than nothing, right?? (It is really hard to take that mentality though...but I cried like a baby when he had to leave to his room the first night totally dealt with it like a champ.)

Saturday night was the best because we got about six hours together. His best friend at the academy, who is also on the baseball team, actually lives in Vegas, so his parents invited us over for dinner that night. Then we drove down the strip - I am determined to go to Vegas for my 21st now!

Here are some pictures from the weekend in no particular order because ain't nobody got time for that...and I'm just lazy.

 My boyfriend likes to take pictures with his eyes closed.

 The gang.

 I'm so mad I had the wrong setting on my camera for this picture because I think it's a cool picture. Not so much? Okay.

Mom and son.

 Friday night. Three and out...is that the right term? It sounds good to me at least.

Being studious and what-not. Again...wrong setting on my camera. Darnit.

 Saturday afternoon game.

 Dillon pitching and his roommate is the catcher. 

I cannot wait to go to his games in San Diego, it's only a little over a month!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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