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Mary Kay - ClearProof Acne System

When I first got the email that said I was selected for another VoxBox, I was thrilled! My first one was Rimmel London lipstick and I absolutely loved it. Honestly, it's the reason I started wearing lipstick! Still seldom, but more than I used to (which was never).

This time the VoxBox was revealed to be Mary Kay's ClearProof acne program! As a young woman who has always suffered from acne, this thrilled me. I have actually used this before but I have a hard time sticking to any one product. The "rules" of this VoxBox, however, was that I was to use these products, and only these products, for 30 days straight.
The ClearProof acne system comes with four different products. Clarifying Cleansing Gel, Blemish Control Toner, Acne Treatment Gel, and Oil-Free Moisturizer for Acne-Prone Skin. I started out using each one in that order, but my skin is extremely sensitive and it would feel raw after using so much product. In order to remedy that, I tweaked my system a little bit.

+ I start by using the Cleansing Gel, which I use both in the morning and at night.
+ The Blemish Control Toner is my favorite product in this program because it takes off all the extra make up and leaves my skin feeling extra fresh. Due to it being a little strong though, I only use it at night, and only when I actually wear make up.
+ The Acne Treatment Gel comes third but I rarely use it. I usually use it around the area of an actual pimple, but I have been getting so few pimples since starting this program that I hardly use it!
+ Lastly, I use the Oil-Free Moisturizer, and I use this both in the morning and at night. It is a really light moisturizer so I can easily add make up over it, but I also feel really fresh going to sleep at night.

All in all, I absolutely love these products! Even though it's all a bit too much for my skin to use all together all the time, I found a system that really worked for me and has done the trick! My skin has been acne-free and feeling good. If you're looking for a new program to use for your acne-prone skin, I would definitely recommend Mary Kay's Clear Proof Acne System!
I am not wearing any make up in this picture. Hurrah for clear skin!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster to test and review.
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And She's Back!

Oh my. So much has happened since I last wrote a post! But because I can't tell you everything in one post, I'll give you a quick recap.

My dream came true!!! And it hurt like hell...
My cousin had her bridal shower and it was SO much fun and she is just SO gorgeous!
DILLON PROPOSED!!!! We are gettin' married people!!!
We went to Ring Dance and it was the best weekend ever!!!
 My roommate got a kitty and he's adorable but also a little shit.
My cousin got married and it was hands-down the best wedding EVER.
Are you excited?!? I won't promise it's coming soon because who the hell knows when the next time I'll blog is, but at least now you know I'm not dead!

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Road Trippin' It

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Colorado. This was probably one of the best trips I have ever had for multiple reasons. Of course, being with Dillon is always wonderful. We didn't do too much but we had a lot of time together which was great. But what made this trip better than the others is that I got to go on a road trip with three other girls. Some (most) might think I'm crazy for enjoying driving that much - it is a 13 hour drive from Tucson to Colorado Springs, so twenty. six. long. hours. total of driving in a car. How crazy is that?? Us USAFA girlfriends are known to be pretty crazy, though. ;)

I had a whole huge paragraph mapping out every detail of our trip, but that bored me, even. Haha. So let me just say we broke up the trip into manageable driving times and I have never had such a blast being stuck in a small car with three other people. We talked about everything, you never would have guessed some of us had just met for the first time. As hard as it was for me to be supportive of Dillon going to the academy, I have to say I am so incredibly thankful that it has brought me to so many amazing friendships with even more amazing girls.
And then we finally made it to the Academy!! Dillon and I went and bought some wine and a movie and stayed in at the hotel for the night, which was perfect. We watched Gravity, and after splitting a whole glass of wine, that movie got to me. Spoilers if you haven't seen it. But when George Clooney let go of Sandra Bullock so she could live I legitimately started bawling. Like huge sobs. I think it's also because Dillon fell asleep on me, but whatevs. Don't mix that movie and wine people, you will get irrationally emotional.

Saturday we went to lunch and then we caught the last few innings of the USAFA baseball game. It's strange now that Dillon isn't on the team, but his roommate's girlfriend was also in town and we have been talking for a few months so we were excited to finally meet! Also, the Falcon's swept the number 20 team in the nation and are now on their longest winning streak in the program's history. So that's pretty sweet! That night we met up with Lily and her boyfriend Taylor (Dillon and Taylor went to Germany together last summer so know each other) at Edelweiss, which is a German restaurant in the Springs. We got some beer which was really good and then went and saw Oculus together. The only way I can watch scary movies anymore is if I am slightly we spiked our Icee's and enjoyed the movie. ;)

Sunday was really nice because instead of waking up and only having a few hours before I had to be at the airport, I had all day since we weren't starting our drive back until 7pm. So we went and ate breakfast, saw Captain America, and then went to my cousin's house for Easter dinner. And oh my goodness, their dog just had puppies and they were the cutest. things. ever. And they made Dillon happier than I have ever seen him. Just look at this:
This is Dillon while waiting for Easter breakfast.
And this is Dillon holding a puppy. He was seriously in love. We had been talking recently about getting a puppy after we got married and Dillon's dream is to get a lab. And then here they were. These adorable lab puppies just begging us to take one. We seriously considered it for a while, but then decided against it because having a puppy is ruff. Lol I'm funny. But my goodness it was great to hold those adorable pups.
It was so hard to leave without one of those adorable puppies, but alas, we did. We had a little extra time before we were meeting with the other girls, so Dillon and I played a quick game of bowling. And let me tell ya, I like playing against 10 and 6 year olds much better than Dillon. I at least broke 100 so whatevs. Then we went back to the academy and took the mandatory couple pictures in front of the chapel. I had actually never been so close to the chapel before, even though it's gorgeous and like the highlight of the USAFA campus.
Muh love. <3

And then it was back in the car for another 13 hour drive! I have to say though, it was one of the easiest goodbye's we've had. Of course it always sucks to leave him, but the fact that I was getting back in the car to spend more time with three amazing girls made it so much better. We are definitely hoping to do it again next year! And now it's only 27 days until I'm back in Colorado for RING DANCE! 

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A Blate + RimmelLondon Moisture Renew Lipstick Review

I did it! I finally met up with Brianna and Mo. Brianna and I had actually wanted to meet up pretty much since August when she found my blog. We clicked right away because we both went to UofA, both were majoring in psychology, and were both dating guys in the Air Force. And then I "met" Mo recently through an Arizona Bloggers chat.
Admittedly, I was really nervous. Which is funny, because my life practically revolves around meeting girls I first "meet" online. Being a USAFA girlfriend, I have talked to girls online before meeting them in person more times than I can count. But you just never know what will happen in person! You could totally click online, but then meeting in person could be a disaster. So of course, I took some precautions.
Luckily it wasn't needed. ;)

Getting ready for my first blate, I knew I had to look my best. I usually just wear yoga pants and foundation every day...but that just wouldn't cut it this time. I decided to use my new RimmelLondon Moisture Renew Lipstick that I got from Influenster as my first VoxBox! I was so excited when I found out I qualified. I don't usually wear lipstick, and get really nervous when I do. I have really thin lips and I still don't think I can completely pull off the bold lip, but I still feel pretty fierce when I do wear it. This lipstick is a lot more pink than red (color: as you want victoria), but I still really like it. It definitely lived up to it's name and is extremely moisturizing as well. I only have one other lipstick that I currently wear and like but compared to this I can see how dry it is. I'm definitely a chapstick type of person, I always like my lips to feel moisturized, so this lipstick is the perfect mix of vibrant color and moisture! Plus, the texture is nice a "soft" if you will, and not sticky at all.
So I finally made it to the blate! We met at Frost for gelato and then walked around the mall. We each shared our love stories *awh* and just talked about everything from blogging to bratty children. And in true blogger fashion, we got at least one picture together.
As you can see from this picture, my lipstick definitely faded just from eating the gelato. That might bother some people, but I personally don't mind at all. I still had a subtle color to my lips and just added some chapstick over it to keep it feeling nice and moisturized. 

So overall, I am very satisfied with both the blate and the lipstick! It was so nice to meet some fellow bloggers and I hope we can do it again soon! And I will definitely be going back to this lipstick for other big days where I want to look a little nicer than normal.
I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

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...And Then Spring Break Happened

I hadn't seen Dillon in a month...and then spring break happened.
Dillon hadn't heard me sing at the top of my lungs during a seven hour car ride...and then spring break happened.
I had no idea that I had $200 in my car from Christmas and my graduation...and then spring break happened.
I had never watched my Wildcats play and WIN in the Sweet 16...and then spring break happened.
I hadn't been to Disneyland since high school...and then spring break happened.
I didn't realize how terrified Dillon was of roller coasters/heights...and then spring break happened.
Dillon and I had never been in an earthquake before...and then spring break happened.
And just for your information, there was an earthquake EVERY. TIME. we tried to get on Soarin' Over California. We were finally able to get on the ride our fourth time trying.

We had never been to an Elite Eight game before (and unfortunately watched our Wildcats lose)...and then spring break happened.
So. Effin'. Close. Then we had to drive five hours home where we were bitter, almost got hit on the freeway within the first twenty minutes of driving, and passed a semi that had caught on fire. So...yeah. Not the best ending to our week but hey, the stuff before that was pretty great.

Despite the fact that I am out of college and no longer have an official spring break, I was so happy that Dillon came home for his. We had such an amazing week together! And guess what...there is only one(!!!!!) more spring break before he graduates! Holla to that!

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Stag & Doe Party

Hiiiiii. Should I even bother apologizing? Probably not. Apparently that's annoying when bloggers apologize for not blogging for a while. But anyways, hello again! I won't make any excuses because you'll understand why I have been so busy through my next few posts.

So my best friend and cousin is getting married!! They got engaged in December of 2012 and their wedding will be June of 2014, so it's finally coming up soon!!
That's my beautiful cousin holding the champagne. :) This was over Thanksgiving break when we went dress shopping! Not only did she find the bridesmaid's dresses she had been looking at since she first got engaged, but she also found her wedding dress that day! I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle in it.

Instead of the traditional separate bachelor and bachelorette party they decided they wanted to do a combined bachelor/bachelorette camping trip. And it was the best. thing. ever. I was there for three days, two nights. There was a lot of inappropriateness, alcohol, food, and amazing people. I seriously wish I could repeat it all over again.
The whole group!
Just in case you were wondering, yes...those are penis straws.
She had incredible aim and shot him right in the butt with the paintball gun. :)
Seth's beard is a result of a dare he made over two years ago. Yep...that bad boy has been a work in progress for two years! When Tricia first asked me if I would be able to come I told her I would try my best but it was kind of hard for me to get work off. Then she told me that we were going to shave Seth's beard and I knew that I HAD to be there!!
Okay but how cute are these mason jars?? Seth's best man's wife made them and bought one for each of us! On the other side it said Tricia & Seth Stag and Doe Party 2014. I'm honestly so obsessed with it! You can find these amazing glasses and much more at The Crafty Engineer's Etsy shop!

I cannot wait for June to come and for Tricia to say "I do" to Seth. And I just found out today that their wedding will be when Dillon has leave so he can come with me! Yayyyyeee! 

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