Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Why hello there my wonderful readers! So I have not been a good blogger lately. And I feel like I say that in almost every post. But really...I was so excited for May blogging. I made a list of a bunch of different topics I could write about and was determined to write more often. And yet here I am, at the very end of May, and only writing my eleventh post of the month. But that makes it one more post than I did in April so...I'm getting better at least!

Now that I'm finally writing a post I feel like I have so much to say, but I'll stick to what I already decided to write about - 10 things that make me really happy!

1. Dillon

This picture is from the summer of 2011, right before Dillon left for basic training. It is also the first picture I sent to him while he was there, and he still has it hanging up on his desk. :) He is my best friend and I have been so lucky to be with him these past three years. Right now we're preparing for him to travel to Germany for three weeks, and he will be nine hours ahead of me. I'm really excited for him, but it will be hard to not be able to talk to him very much.

2. Family

I used to think it was cool when I wouldn't go home for a few weekends in college because hey, I'm in college now and I'm too cool to see my family. But honestly, the weekends I go home are my absolute favorite. My siblings are amazing - this is a picture we took when we were all playing Slender together. I don't think my parents appreciated the screams so late at night, but I know they love it when we're all hanging out together!

3. Reading

I am always happy when I have a good book to read. Currently I am reading TFIOS by John Green, and it is actually my goal to read all of his books by the end of this year! My favorite genre however, is dystopian future type books such as The Hunger Games. My favorites series in this genre is the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield. If you have not read these books, you are seriously missing out!

4. My New Job

I seriously can't get enough of how much I love my new job. I have already told you a little bit about it in this post but now that I have actually started, I am loving it even more. It never feels like work and I am doing something that is truly rewarding. I could honestly see myself making a career out of this. Not necessarily being an advocate at camp, but working with children with special needs in general. 

5. Best Friends

I think that true best friends are hard to come by. Even when you are surrounded by friends, there is always that one person who you trust more and relate to more. I have already talked about my best friend Jamie (left) in this post but it never hurts to say again how much I love this girl. And that girl on the right is the lovely Becca. I have talked about her a few times before as well, but I can't emphasize enough how much she means to me. We have been best friends since Freshman year of college and I don't know how I would have gotten through it without her. And now we are soon to be roomies! I can't wait. :)

6. Scrapbooking

I wish I had the time and money to scrapbook more often. I feel like it is such a mom thing, but I absolutely love it. I love printing out pictures and designing each new page. My senior project in high school was actually to make a scrapbook, and it was the best assignment! Mostly it was a lot of essays and poems, but it was still a lot of fun to put it all together. Maybe I'll even share some of the poems sometime!

7. Food

Did she really spend the time to make a collage of her favorite foods? Why yes, yes I did. I feel like a lot of girls say this because we think that guys like girls who aren't afraid to eat a lot. Or am I the only one who feels this way? Possibly. But this is what I do know; when I was having a rough day at school, I would go and get myself some Chick-fil-A fries to make myself feel better. And Papa Johns pizza? Yes, I will say that it's a vegetable if it means I can eat it all the time without feeling guilty. And oh my goodness, these sweet potato chips are my new favorite. They are so incredibly delicious and the great part is that they are in the healthy section at my local grocery store. So no, I don't feel bad about eating a whole bag in one day.

8. The University of Arizona

I am so proud to call myself a Wildcat. School will always be school, filled with homework you don't want to do, tests you don't want to study for, and classes you don't want to take. Sometimes though, I look up as I walk around campus and I feel a sense of calm wash over me. That sounds totally lame, but really, look at that campus. It is so gorgeous and it makes me happy that I have the opportunity to go to college and study something I love.

9. A Good TV Show

This is the lazy part of me coming out, but I love being able to sit in bed and watch TV. And yes, sometimes it is the only thing I do all day, and I almost never regret it. Right now White Collar has me hooked, but some of my favorites are Doctor Who (hello nerd), New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Arrested Development (the newest season was too short!), How I Met Your Mother, and One Tree Hill. Don't be fooled, that is a very very very very small list of TV shows I love. 

10. The Fact That My Birthday is on Sunday

And do you know what that means?? It means I turn 21!!! Yes, that was necessary, thank you very much. I know that when Sunday comes and goes, I really won't feel any older. But at least I can drink away my problems! Joking, joking. Sort of. But really, I think everyone can understand that turning 21 is a big deal, and extremely exciting! Don't feel obligated to tell me happy birthday or anything, but just so you know, it's SUNDAY! And you know, just in case, here are my Instagram and Twitter, just for no reason. ;)

I hope you have all had a lovely week! I apologize for missing my weekly That Time I post, but you can still check out Alex's post about her adorable puppy, and Hayley's post about her engagement story!

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  1. I love fun, happy posts like this! Happy early birthday! :D

  2. HUGE HUGE HUGE QUESTION HERE: I dont watch white collar but isnt that the hot gay dude that is gonna play in the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey". Just wondering. Love your blog. Cool pics too. Hope you're having a blessed weekend.

    Be sure to come by and join in on my blog hop. Be sure to stop by for my blog hop and share with your blog friends. http://pinkowl07.blogspot.com/2013/04/hop-around-with-shana-laney.html

  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday!!! Ah, I'm so sorry for being a day late saying it but I hope it was amazing!!! <3 <3


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