That Time I (Became A Turtle Mommy)

Welcome back friends for my third That Time I post!
This week I'm talking about that time I became a mom...a turtle mom that is.

It was Christmas break, 2011.
I honestly don't remember quite why we did it, but Dillon and I decided we were ready to be pet parents. However, since Dillon is away at the academy, I would be the one to keep said pet.
Even though I would love to have a puppy or kitten, we decided it wasn't the right time. I was not ready to throw down all my money on a pet deposit at my house, and with school and work, I'm away from home most of the day, so I would have felt so bad leaving new pet baby at home by itself all the time.

And then we decided to get a turtle! Turtles are my favorite animal. I honestly think they are the coolest. So we went to PetSmart (or is it PetsMart??) and Petco, but they only had big turtles. There is actually a law, and it's illegal to sell them in big chain stores like that until they are a certain size.
But I was determined to get a little baby turtle. So we looked online...and after researching all the different kinds of turtles, we finally decided to get a yellow bellied slider turtle baby.

And then we "ordered" him...and he came to us all the way from Florida.
After we already hit submit on our new turtle baby, we found bad reviews of the place, saying that when the turtle arrived at their door, it was dead.
The next day I was pacing around Dillon's house so much, I was so scared the box would come and my turtle would be dead.
So when the UPS guy FINALLY came I was so nervous...the stupid guy was juggling the box around. Like HELLO! I'm pretty sure it said live animal or handle with care or something...jerk.

But when we opened the container, there was my new turtle baby MOVING around! I was so happy, I'm pretty sure I had tears in my eyes.

And that was the day I became a turtle mommy to the most adorable turtle baby, and we named him Tuck. Tuck the Turtle...that's original, right?? Look how teeny tiny he was! Melts my heart.

The "family picture" I sent Dillon for his recognition (an academy thing that I may or may not talk about at a future time).

He LOVED to climb up on his leaves, it was so darn cute. In fact, he still does it...

I don't think he realizes he's just a little too big to do that now.

I sent this to Dillon on his birthday. Tuck misses him because his turtle daddy is the one who actually buys him yummy things like fish and crickets (I refuse...the one time I bought him a couple fish, I saw him eat one, which was horrifying, and then he decided to make friends with the other one and I ended up having to flush it down the toilet).

I need to sign him up for turtle modeling.

So while everyone else in blog land is loving up on their dogs, here I am loving up on my turtle baby who isn't a baby anymore and who likes to try to bite me when I take him out of his tank, and also likes to jump off my bed and either land upside down or crawl into my closet.

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Happy Hump Day!

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  1. I LOVE turtles!! My mom brought us back some mini ones from California one time. Apparently they are illegal everywhere... she bought them from some random street vendor. Anyways, we named them Forest & Bubba (from Forest Gump). They never got bigger than the size of your turtle in the first picture. They were so much fun! One of our neighbors told her that you can "hibernate" turtles by putting them in a super cold environment, and that it's good for them, so she put them in our basement in a storage room that does not get any heat in the dead of winter. Needless to say... they didn't hibernate and froze to death instead. So sad! So, lesson learned, don't try to hibernate your turtle haha. Yours makes me want one!

  2. Haha how cute! My sister had a turtle that looked just like that! He was ridiculously annoying with all the digging he would do at night. I'm sure Tuck never does that, though. :)

  3. I love the is post! The turtle is so cute. My cousin owned a turtle and I always loved going to visit just to see the turtle lol. I sightly remember finding a turle in the kiddie pool we had when my cousin and I were younger. It peed on me and then jumped out of hands, I was done lol.

    Its funny you talk about PetSmart (yes the "S" is capitalized. My fiance actually works there. And he works in the pet care department which means the fish and small animals, including turtles.

  4. Tuck is so cute! I had a turtle when I was younger. I loved taking him outside in the grass for "walks" when it was warm enough out!

    1. Thank you! That's one thing I never really have time to do, is take him out. Usually by the time I get home the sun isn't shining in our backyard. Hopefully I can in the summer!

  5. Your pictures are so nice!! Did you use a professional camera?

    I've never seen such a tiny little turtle before. It's so cute!

    I think it's so funny that he became friends with the second fish. The birthday picture you sent to Dillon is just precious! :)

  6. Um, LOVE! Yeah for not another puppy mommy blog, but a turtle mommy blog. Tuck is so adorable... I actually love turtles and my toddler has a fondness for them too. :) Happy Thursday Emily!

    The May giveaway for a new blog design ends tonight at midnight! Our Journey

  7. I am obsessed with your baby turtle! So cute. :)


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