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Here is the prompt: How did you picture this stage of your life when you were younger. How is it the same/different? TGBTL

Here is my answer: What?

Truthfully, as far as I can recall, I never thought too far into the future. I do remember wanting to be a maid when I was in first grade. Setting high goals for myself since '98. So, according to my six year old self, I am no where near where I thought I would be when I was older!

I do remember that I used to think 20-something-year-olds had it all put together. I am the oldest of my siblings, but my childhood friend had two older brothers and I looked up to them in awe. What do you mean he doesn't live with you anymore? He goes to college?? Who is that girl he's always with? And I figured that when I was his age, I would be just like that. I would move out, go to college, get a boyfriend, and have my life completely figured out.

Well, I did move out, I graduated college, and I have a pretty sweet boyfriend. The one thing that hasn't gone according to plan? I in no way whatsoever have it "all figured out." What does this even mean, really? Does anyone actually think they have it all figured out?? I definitely don't. And I'm okay with that. I have a full time job that doesn't fit into the norm, I live on my own with good friends, I have a boyfriend who I want to share the rest of my life with, and I have an idea of what I want to do as a career. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I have no idea where I'll be a year from now, and I'm okay with that. The future is important, but not as important as right now. And although it's not exactly how I thought it would be, I know I'm exactly where I should be.

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Christmas 2013

Thanksgiving, Graduation, and now Christmas! It had been an eventful couple months and it wasn't over yet!

I mentioned in my last post that my parents and brothers flew down for my graduation, and luckily they were all able to be here for Christmas Eve, as well! We all drove over to my Aunt's house in the evening and then went to church. My grandpa leads the youth band and they were playing at the Christmas Eve service. My grandpa is seriously so adorable playing on his keyboard and leading the teens.
 Okay seriously, excuse how white I am. I accidentally bought the wrong shade of Bare Minerals but it's so expensive that I didn't want it to go to waste. Little did I know just how terribly wrong the shade was. Especially with the flash of the camera. So yeah...sorry.
 My lovely sister and handsome cousin. 
 We call this family the "planned" family...my sister and I were planned babies, my brothers...not so much.
 This about describes the relationship of my siblings.
 Only slightly obsessed with our dresses and shoes. We got both dresses from Charlotte Russe and her booties are from Target and my heels are from Marshall's. I accidentally left my shoes there that night due to being slightly under the influence. I really hope I can get them back because I'm in love with them!
After that we went back to my Aunt's house to eat Krup Kracker, which is something I look forward to every single Christmas. It's a Norwegian dish (I think) and it's basically potato stuffed with ham. No description could do it justice, really. It's just delicious. After that we all sat down and opened presents. Then came the drinking, pool, beer pong, signs, and more drinking. It was an amazing night.
Unfortunately, my parents had a flight back to North Dakota at 6am Christmas morning, so my sister and I had to skip sleep and drive them to the airport. It was pretty sad that they weren't there for Christmas Day, but I was happy that we all got to spend Christmas Eve together as a family.

Christmas Day was definitely weird. Dillon drove home to spend the morning with his family. That left just my siblings and I staying in the house we were in over break. We woke up, watched No Strings Attached, played pool, and ate eggrolls. A little strange for Christmas morning, right? But it was honestly great. Later that day we went to my other Aunt's house for Christmas lunch and to spend time with family. It's really nice that pretty much my whole dad's side of the family lives in Arizona because we still have family around even if my parents aren't.

And that was Christmas, ya'll! Definitely far from normal, but altogether perfect.

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Crying Over My Diploma

And just like that, I am now a college graduate. I have to say, it is strange. No more classes, no more homework, and no more studying...ever. Unless I decide to get my master's of course, but that will be a ways down the road.

First off, I feel so blessed and loved by all the support I received from my family and friends. I am so grateful that Dillon was able to be there for my graduation. My parents and brothers also flew down from North Dakota, my sister was home from college, my uncle, godparents, god-siblings(?),  grandma, and best friend all came. I truthfully didn't understand why so many people wanted to come just to see me walk across a stage, but I am so thankful for all of them.
Excuse my extreme whiteness...

I am sooo happy that I met this girl nearly four years ago in freshman year Spanish class. We took a class together almost every semester after that, as well. I am also so happy that we were able to graduate together! I didn't know very many people who were graduating in December, so I am so happy we were able to graduate and sit together during the ceremony.

I was actually really nervous to walk across the stage. Estacia and I kept joking that one of us was going to trip on stage, but thankfully that didn't happen to either of us. We walked across the stage to the cheering of our adoring fans ;) and were ecstatic afterwards.
Afterwards there was food and drinks available (but no open bar...seriously?!?) and I had the chance to take a picture with all the wonderful people who came to support me.
I think you already know who this handsome man is. ;)
My best friend and roommate Becca and her fiance (at the time, NOW husband!).
Uncle Cary
My amazing parents who have supported me through this whole crazy college experience.
My lovely family!
My godmother and two of her children, let's just call them my cousins!
Dillon and his mama! She is such a sweet woman and has welcomed me into her family, so I was so happy she was able to come and see me graduate. 
My siblings...we're just so cute.

In the evening my grandparents threw me a small graduation party and my relatives who couldn't make it to my graduation came to celebrate with me.
My grandma was at my graduation but my grandpa couldn't make it, but I was SO thankful for the party they threw me!
Oh cousins.
These GORGEOUS flowers came from my best friend Jamie. She couldn't make it since she lives in Texas, but it was So sweet and unexpected of her to send me these flowers to congratulate me and let me know she was thinking of me.

It was an amazing day and night. But now...I'm a college graduate. I work, sleep, eat, and cry over my diploma.
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Thanksgiving Break 2013

Oh me, oh my. It has been so long since I have last updated this blog of mine! So let's play catch up, shall we?

This was one of the best Thanksgiving breaks I have had in a long time, for many reasons. First off, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. The food is amazing, and I get to spend quality time with my family that isn't all about material possessions. Dillon also comes home for an entire week for Thanksgiving break which is the best.

Dillon flew into Phoenix so I drove to Queen Creek the Saturday before Thanksgiving. It was nice because we were able to spend some time with his family before heading back to Tucson. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but my parents now live in North Dakota. Our puppies, however, are still at the house, so I went to go visit them.
Afterwards we went mud bogging! It was fun...but I was all too eager to volunteer to get out and videotape them racing around instead of me being in the backseat ready to hurl.
We then went back to Tucson since I still had class and work until Wednesday. Luckily it wasn't all bad...Dillon's 21st birthday was on Tuesday so we had a lot to celebrate!

I booked us a room at Casino del Sol, so after I got off work and gave him his gifts, we headed over there to hang out until he could go out at midnight!
 The "alcohol garden" I made for him along with a Breaking Bad flask (his favorite) that says "I Am The Danger."
The room service we ordered which was soooo yummy. 

And, finally, MIDNIGHT! We pretty much played blackjack and drank that night and all of the next day. You only turn 21 once, right?? Well, I kinda got to turn 21 twice with him. ;)
 Yeah, nbd. ;)

Later that day we drove to Chandler to pick my sister up from my uncle's house. They also made a wonderful home cooked meal for us, plus his daughters (my cousins), and it was so nice!

Finally, Thanksgiving day arrived! That morning I made a corn dish and then we headed to my grandparents' house for lunch. Despite my parents and brothers not being there, I still had an amazing time with my extended family.
Friday we drove up to Prescott to spend time with Dillon's family at his aunt's house. His cousin just recently had a baby and she was just too precious. It was so cute to see Dillon holding a little baby girl, even if he didn't quite know what to do with her.
The rest of the weekend was spent going to different casinos and enjoying our time together! I have to say, even when I know the next time we see each other will be very soon, it is still hard to say goodbye. But I am definitely grateful for the time we do have together, however brief.

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving, as well! I'll be back to play some more catch up soon. :)

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