Beautiful Simplicites of the Week

This last week was actually a really amazing one. I decided I would share with you at least one great thing from each day.


Monday's are usually pretty awful, right? I thought so, too. Until I came home to these beautiful flowers from Dillon. They are "just because" flowers, and they definitely helped me have a wonderful start to my week. He can be so incredibly thoughtful - I think I have a keeper. :)


Walked around campus and saw this piece of art. The little fox is just the cutest!
Also, my favorite time of the year. I got Dunkel'd! That is what me and my friends at work call it whenever Dr. Dunkel brings us flowers and a fruit tart (which he never fails to do at the end of each semester). Those gorgeous tulips are in my kitchen now, always putting me in a good mood, and I have to admit, I already finished the fruit tart. It is just so delicious!!

Come on, you know you would just eat that up, too.


This day marked the last day of classes for the semester! So to celebrate, I went shopping! I got the shirt and skirt on the left, and then the floral pants on the right. I'm just a little bit in love with the floral. I have been hesitant to buy floral jeans, but when I saw these I knew I had to have them. Plus, since I went shopping at Ross, I got these beauties for only $14 when they were originally $60!

Then Wednesday night I had a sleep over with two friends. My friend is house sitting for a family this week so we have been staying there. And let me tell you, this house is ENORMOUS! It is so incredibly nice, I oooh'd and ahh'd at every thing in that house. We feel extremely fancy staying there.

We ended the night by watching Passport to Paris (who doesn't love Mary-Kate and Ashley) and designing Becca's new blog. We are pretty proud of it!


Even though I didn't have classes, I still had work at 8am. But work was great because we had a party for all the student workers! Free pizza and cake...SCORE!
On the left is me, Becca, and Sayra. Sayra is holding her SILLCY award, which is what you get when you are voted the best student worker of the semester, and all three of us have gotten it! And you can tell how much I loved my new clothes since I just HAD to wear them the very next day. :)
On the right is all of us plus Meghan and Kim. Meghan, Sayra, Becca, and I are all friends since we all lived in the same dorm together my freshman year, and we have all been working together since our sophomore year. And the lovely Kim in the middle is the best boss ever! We are so sad that she is leaving us next year.


I don't have any pictures from Friday - sad. Friday I worked from 8-3 and then I took my car to the shop. I just wanted to make sure it is in tip-top shape for when I drive to San Diego next weekend! Luckily I just needed a new air filter, and it only cost $20. Success!
Then I went to Pei Wei with a couple friends, and when we got home we did a Brazilian Butt work out called Bum Bum. It was quite comical, and I might just have to share pictures with you some time. Then we had our third sleep over in a row. Why is it not officially summer yet?!?

I hope you are finding the beauty in simplicity lately!!

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  1. Loving your new outfits!! And tart looks amazing! So happy you had a good week-hope this one is awesome as well!




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