Getting in Shape...Kind Of

Let me be clear - I am not a work out fanatic, I do not know everything about working out, I can't even say I know the first thing about working out. All I know is that, for me, working out has never been a priority. My body type does not require me to work out to stay thin (yay, fast metabolisms). However, I can say with 100% certainty that I am out of shape. I can't climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. To be completely honest, I am okay with that. However, I have a boyfriend who is obsessed with working out. He is the type of person who just cannot sit still, whereas I am the type of girl who can lay in bed and watch Netflix for hours. He is always trying to motivate me to work out, and sometimes it works! Sometimes I get so motivated; I make a plan of what I'm going to do when...and then fail miserably after about, oh...one week. I do think that being in shape is important, I just never had the motivation. Until...

In my Educational Psychology class we were given an assignment to change one behavior, whether it was increasing a behavior or decreasing. And we had to give ourselves a reward for doing that behavior. I took this as a sign, and the perfect opportunity, that my behavior needed to be to work out. I had recently seen this pin on Pinterest, and since my stomach is my most undesired part of me, I decided it was fate. My reward? Clothes, what else!? I figured, if I work out, I'll feel better about my body, and I can buy a new outfit to showcase that. Perfect motivator for my behavior.

I am proud to say that after stumbling a little at the beginning, I am now only four days away from completing the Fab Ab February work out! I have to say, I am so excited for myself. Not just because I will soon be able to purchase some new clothes, but because I told myself I was going to do something and actually went through with it. They say that it takes three weeks for something to become a habit, so I am really hoping that I will continue to do some sort of work out past this.

The calendar I used was from a year or two ago, and I just had to keep track. But just in case you would like to start it, I made one that you can start tomorrow! DOOOO IT!

I do admit, it starts out super easy, and you can definitely start with more reps to begin with, and then either stay at Day 30 for the rest of the time, or keep increasing. This is the only form of work out I did during this time, but I would definitely suggest mixing it with stretching, cardio, etc. for an actual work out. 

And now for the fun part! Here are some of the items I have picked out to possibly buy after I am completely finished with the work out. What is your favorite?

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven]


Oh, How Pinteresting!

I know, I know. Two posts in one week? What is this madness?!? I apologize for the lack of posting. I'm extremely behind, and incredibly busy with school. Hopefully I can get all caught up soon! I didn't intend for my pins to be mostly coral and turquoise, but I guess it was just meant to be! I hope you enjoy!

Source: imgfave.com via Becky on Pinterest


Weekend Fun

Happy Tuesday! I am not doing so well at keeping up with this blog, I just have so much to talk about and I don't know in what order to do it! But I had a really great weekend, so I wanted to share it with you!

Friday - Hung out with my best friend, ate good food, and watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Yes, this was my first time watching it. I am so upset that it took me so long, but it was amazing none-the-less.

Saturday - Woke up at a decent hour and started tidying up my room (much needed) and did some laundry. I was so productive from the moment I woke up, which never EVER happens! Had an Oovoo date with Dillon and watched Modern Family with him, which is always really nice. Then I got ready to go to my friend's house again so we could go to a coffee shop and study. This is not something I normally do, but it was really nice, and again I was super productive! Yay for productive Saturdays! We then went back to her house and started getting ready for our girl's night date night! This is something that Becca and her two roommates have done since high school, but they decided to let me join in on the fun! Our theme was "Sparkles/Sequins" and we ate at the Social House! I definitely recommend it for anyone living in Tucson, it was super yummy! We absolutely failed at taking pictures together, but here's one of me in my sequiny "mermaid" top, and my nails all did.

 Before I talk about my super awesome Sunday, I have to share something that happened earlier in the week...it snowed!! Not very exciting for anyone who lives in a place where it snows often, but this is not a regular occurrence for Tucson, Arizona. I was on campus, in the library doing homework, and then I walked outside and just BAM! Snow! Luckily for me and Becca, our 12pm class got cancelled so we got hot chocolate from Starbucks and just sat outside enjoying the snow. It was so incredible, it snowed steadily for over an hour!

*I did add a filter to the first photo that added more snowflakes, however it is really what it looked like! And you have to admit that the snow with cacti in the background is quite amusing.

So now, Sunday - I was planning on just staying at home doing homework and relaxing when my roommate asked me if I wanted to drive up to Mt. Lemmon to play in the snow with her and my other roommate and her friend. I was a little hesitant knowing that I had so much homework, but how could I refuse playing in the snow?!? Honestly, it was the best decision ever, and way better than doing homework! It was SO much fun, and SO cold! My roommate Fel brought her super nice camera and we were able to get some awesome shots. (Below is just a few)

So that was my weekend! Now onto two weeks of torture before Spring Break!! I hope you also had an amazing weekend!


Missionary Love.

OKAY. I am so beyond excited to be writing this post. It has been one I have wanted to make for a while now, but I had to wait due to reasons that will be explained. First off, no, I am not Mormon, and neither do I have a Missionary that I love. (All my love is reserved for my Airman!) However, my best friend Becca is Mormon and is currently dating Lance, her handsome Missionary who has been gone for over a year now.

A little back story: Becca and I met our freshman year at the University of Arizona. We lived in the same dorm and both had boyfriends back home, so we instantly clicked. We have now been best friends for over two years and I am so lucky to have her in my life. She understands the struggles of being in a long distance relationship, is always there when I need to talk, and we just have so much fun together!

When she asked me to help her make a video to send to her boyfriend for Valentine's Day, I was completely gung ho! She made a huge sign that on one side says "I love you Lance," and the other says "My heart is in Montana." (He is currently serving his mission in Montana.) We drove all across Tucson taking pictures and videos of her holding up the sign, dancing with it, and running around. Honestly, it was probably one of the best days I have had in a long time! 

This picture is especially adorable because 1: It's on a baseball field and he played baseball in high school, 2. She is on home plate, showing that she CANNOT wait until he comes home, and 3. She is making a heart with her feet and the base.

Please watch the whole video HERE! This is a link to her Tumblr, feel free to follow her! It is honestly the cutest video ever and I am so happy I was able to help her make it. Even though she sent it a week before Valentine's Day, he just got it yesterday because he transferred to a different city (hence me posting about this so late). But he absolutely loves it! Even though I told Dillon all about it already, I'm pretty sure she's going to help me make one for him! 

Ladies, if you are in a long distance (or "regular") relationship, I would highly recommend doing something like this! For Becca, this was all about showing Lance that she loved him and how she wanted to show it to the world. If you want to do something like this, add a little creativity to it! We went all over Tucson to places that they had been together or that just reminded her of him (DQ, Cafe Rio is a Cafe that Lance goes to a lot in Montana, baseball field, LDS Church) and some, like the ones on campus and on top of the mountain, were places she goes often or just wanted him to feel a part of. You can be totally creative with this, and it's a great way to show your love, and it's basically free!!

Leave a comment and tell me what you think, and let me know if you have done anything unique like this for your s/o!


I'm Pinterested!

I have never done a link up, but it seems pretty fun. So here we go! Here are the things I have been Pinterested in this week!

Source: wanelo.com via Emily on Pinterest

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

*Update: All my pins are back up! Leave me a comment below if the layout looks off on your computer. Otherwise, enjoy!


Valentine's Day

This was Dillon and my fourth Valentine's Day together. We have never done something too incredibly special in the past that I can recall, which has always been okay because our anniversary is just a month before. However, this Valentine's Day I wanted to do something a little bit more special. First, I got him a gift that I am SO excited for him to get (although I'm totally failing since I haven't even sent it yet...oops!) I'll post about it after he finally gets it.

But onto the more exciting story. After getting the idea from a few other USAFA girlfriends, I decided I wanted to have a date night with Dillon. And yes...we were able to accomplish this while still being 800+ miles away from each other. Since he would be traveling to Texas for baseball on the 14th, we decided to do this the night of the 13th. We both ordered Chinese food and decided we would Oovoo while eating and watching a movie (Thor!) together. 
Some may say I went a little overboard in that I got COMPLETELY dressed up. I wore a dress, did my makeup, and curled my hair (all of which I hardly ever do). 
I told Dillon I was "getting pretty" but I didn't tell him exactly what I was doing. I really just wanted to wear the pearl earrings he had given me for our three year anniversary! I was a little embarrassed that I went all-out, but he ended up wearing a collared shirt and told me repeatedly how beautiful I was. *Awh* 
It was one of the nicest things we have done together while apart. We have Oovoo'd and watched TV together plenty of times, but this was completely different and absolutely amazing. I was afraid he would think it was extremely cheesy (which it really was) but he liked it so much he suggested we try to do something like it once a month. Such a sweetheart! 

The next day was Valentine's Day and because of the night before, I didn't find myself becoming sad over all the couples on campus. My best friend, Becca made me a shirt to wear on Valentine's Day, and I absolutely love it!! Her man is on his mission right now, and so the shirts were perfect for us. The back has their last name's (and our *hopefully* future last names)! 
Then Dillon, being the thoughtful man he is, surprised me by booking me a massage! It was incredibly sweet of him, and honestly much needed because I have been so stressed out lately. Overall, it was the perfect Valentine's Date/Day. I feel so incredibly blessed to be in love with such an amazing man, and then to have an amazing best friend who understands the hardships of distance, but the wonderfulness of being in love.


Adventures Abound

I have never really been the type of person to seriously make New Year's Resolutions. However, this year I did make a sort of To Do List for 2013. So, that sounds exactly like resolutions, but I mainly made this list because this is my last full year of being an undergraduate in college! That's right - I am graduating a semester early. So by this time next year I will be a big grown-up college graduate! 
I attend the University of Arizona which is in Tucson. There are not a lot of people who think Tucson is all that exciting or attractive, and when looking at the part of Tucson the University is in, they might be right. But every day as I walk through campus, and then drive north of campus, I see a beautiful campus surrounded by gorgeous mountains.
Anyways, in trying to appreciate the town I have been living in the past two and a half years and will remain for another year, I wrote down some "Tucson Adventures" I would like to have during my last year here. This list includes going to a Wildcat football and basketball game, hiking Sabino Canyon, and going to the top of Mt. Lemmon.
Another list I am making is a list of books I want to read this year. I am in love with reading. Always have been, and hopefully always will be. I am especially into futuristic novels such as The Hunger Games series and the Uglies series. (If you haven't read either of these series, you are seriously missing out!) However, I had been hearing a lot about the author John Green and how amaaaazing his books are. Even though his writing is not in the genre I generally read, I decided to hop on board the Green Train (how terribly cheesy was that?). I started with Paper Towns and all I can say is that I was definitely NOT disappointed. It took me a while to really get into the book, but it is beautifully written and pulled me into the story in a completely different way.
I have already picked up Looking for Alaska (his first novel) at my school's library and am eager to get lost in the story. By the way, there are only two authors on my list of books, John Green (in which I want to read all of his novels), and David Levithan, in which I heard his book, The Lover's Dictionary is a unique but beautifully written story. As it turns out, Green and Levithan have actually collaborated and written a book together! Funny how things work, huh?
If you are trying to keep up with New Year's Resolutions, or just a more basic To Do List like mine, I highly suggest writing your goals down and placing them on a wall in your room! Here is my very simple but very efficient white board that is reminding myself daily that I want to do these things this year.
Nothing too fancy, but it is so far getting the job done! (Although I haven't completed any of my Tucson Adventures, I have already read a John Green book.) And that Fab Ab February calendar? I'll post about that later when the X's are a little more in numbers. ;)
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