Guess What I Just Realized

I was able to cross my first thing off my 30 before 30 list! How awesome is that?!? That's right, I graduated college and it feels so gooood!
And being able to cross that off my list made me want to cross more things off more lists. So I'm making some goals for myself, which are going to be extremely random. But it's going to happen right here, right now!

1. Work on Growing This Blog - I love this blog of mine. Despite my frequent blogging breaks, and still not being able to completely throw myself into it, I really do love it. So my goal is to grow in my writing, my readership, and my involvement in the blogging world. I already took the first step by purchasing my own domain for my blog! I have to say, I am extremely excited about it! Also, I feel like putting money into my blog will cause me to focus on it more. See why in number 2.

2. Continue to Work Out - I have been working out pretty consistently for about a month now. If you have not tried Tone It Up yet, I highly recommend it. I feel so incredibly inspired by those beautiful women! I think what people don't realize is that it really isn't about being skinny, it is about being fit and feeling confident about your body. And I feel more confident than ever! This ties in with number one because since I purchased a gym membership, it makes me want to get the most of my money and get my butt to the gym!

3. Make a Budget and Stick to It - My last semester of college I took a personal finance course that honestly has changed the way I think about money. That sounds so silly, but it's totally true. If you have never read All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, I recommend you get right on it. I now feel so confident that money will not be a big issue in my life because of what I learned in this book. However, with how I am paid (hourly and not on salary, and my hours change weekly) it is really hard for me to create and stick to a set budget. I'm hoping I can figure it all out and stick with it soon.

So three goals are better than no goals, right?? Here's to really hoping I can stick to them.
Do you have any goals you're working on right now?

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  1. Ah good luck on growing your blog! It's amazing, so I know it shouldnt be a problem :)


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