"I Love You"

Oh, the first time. If I'm being honest, Dillon was not the first boy I said those three little words to. But with said other boy, they were just words with no meaning behind it. I was a silly 15 year old and had absolutely no idea what it really meant.

With Dillon, it was different. Although I still have to say I don't think either of us knew exactly what it meant to say those words. I believe that we both loved each other at the time, but it was still a puppy kind of love. I think we have been learning throughout our entire relationship what love really means. We learn what it means to love each other every single day and there will never come a day where I know everything there is to know about loving him and being loved by him.
Our first ever picture together.

Wow that got real sappy real fast. My bad. Anyways, onto the story. It was about three months into our relationship, which at the time seemed like forever, but now I can see what babies we were. I remember it being night time, and we were in the parking lot of Fry's Grocery Store. We were arguing about who knows what when all the sudden he kind of threw up his hands and said "I love you, okay? I just - I love you." And you know what I did? I just stared, smiling, like a total crazy person. I was seriously so surprised that he left me speechless. Eventually he was like "Well, aren't you going to say something?" Poor guy looked so sad. As if I wasn't going to say it back! And then I did. I said those three words and my life has changed forever. Maybe too dramatic? But probably not. He has changed my life, this love has changed my life. Super romantic though, right?
Our first trip together - up to Oregon! Three months after the first "I love you."

Again, sappy. Sorry! But you want to know the funny part? Dillon and I were talking about it when he was here last weekend and he has a completely different memory of our first "I love you." The way he remembers it, it was very calm and he said "Emily, I have something to tell you. I love you" all sweet and romantic like. I'm pretty sure I'm right, but I can let him have this one if he really wants. ;)

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  1. Haha, aw this is so cute! Is it bad that I don't remember the first time Andrew and I said I love you to each other? Opps. I do remember our first kiss though!

  2. You guys are just too cute! I don't think I even remember the first time my husband and I said I love you...does that make me a terrible person?? Lol!


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