The One With the Wedding

Anyone understand the title?? Four for you if you do. Also if you understand that reference. Moving on...

My best friend Becca got married. And it's a hell of a story. Becca and Lance had been dating for over five years when they finally decided to tie the knot. But it wasn't even that simple. Becca and Lance are LDS, and Lance went on his mission to Montana in December 2011. If you live under a rock and don't know, LDS missions are two years, which means that he came back in December 2013. And do you want to know when they got married? December 27th, 2013. Exactly 20 days after he returned. Crazy, right?!? Becca actually had to ask us to be her bridesmaids before Lance even popped the question! Which led to this adorableness:
Then came the bachelorette party! It wasn't anything too fancy, but it was a lot of fun and (I hope) exactly what Becca wanted. We started off the night by silly stringing the crap out of her (and our house...there is still silly string hanging from our living room fan), putting on some obligatory bachelorette gear, and then heading to Toby Keith's for dinner. There was a live band, which was really cool, and we all sat there talking and laughing and enjoying our delicious meal.
We even got Tuck to join in!

And then the wedding! Becca and Lance were sealed in the San Diego Temple.
After they were sealed and we took some pictures, Dillon and I explored San Diego together. We went to Mission Beach and I must say we went a little crazy...
That's right, we got tattoos. The fact that they're henna is just a minor detail.
That night we spent the night at a hotel together, I made him watch BlackFish, and we had some drinks and played some blackjack at the casino.

The next day was the reception! It was held at their local Stake Center and it was extremely casual. There was a small ring ceremony which was really nice since us non-mormons, including her family since she is a convert, were not able to see their sealing in the temple. It gave us a chance to share in their special day(s) with them and to really celebrate their marriage. Afterwards there was food, cupcakes, dancing, and talking.
Those LOVE letters was a DIY project that I made for Becca! They really did take a good amount of time, but I think they turned out great.
And that was that! They left with a sparklers exit and now they are married! I am so so happy for Becca that she is finally able to be with the love of her life. Two years was too long, but now they can spend every minute together in their lovey dovey newly married way (which I get to see first hand since I live with them). Congratulations Becca! I love you!

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  1. I LOVE those bridesmaid dresses!! The cut and color! So pretty!

  2. Friends! Right?? The title is a Friends reference?

    Aw, I'm glad Dillon was able to be there with you at her wedding! I'm also glad you only got henna tattoos and not real ones, haha.

    Wait, you made the LOVE lights? How?!


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