I Threw Out My Neck

How does one even do that? I have no idea, but I did it. Yesterday morning my alarm went off just like any other morning. And just like I do every morning, instead of getting up right when my alarm went off, I opened up Instagram to stay updated on all the lovely picture happenings of my friends and strangers. In order to do that, I apparently felt it necessary to turn from lying on my left side to lie on my right side. Mid turn, however, I heard some seemingly small cracks in my neck and then a searing pain in the left side of my neck.

I have never been in such pain before...I could barely move without it hurting, and when I did get up to go to the bathroom I felt super nauseous and the pain was so severe I almost passed out. After looking up stuff on the internet (word of advice, don't) I called my mom in tears. I was honestly scared. She told me to wake my roommate up and have her take me to Urgent Care.

So can I just take a moment to say how absolutely thankful I am for my roommate Brittany? She woke up hours before she normally does, helped me get dressed, drove me to urgent care, brought me back home, picked up my medications, AND brought me food. She's in the medical field and called her professor to check if she should even try to move me since I was in so much pain, and then skipped her classes for the day to help me out. I cannot express how grateful I am to her for all her help yesterday, and her continued help today. I feel so blessed because I probably would have had to call 911 or something if she wasn't there.
So thank you, Brittany! I am treating you to these drinks as soon as I am feeling better!!

Basically the doctor told me it was like how people throw out their backs, but with my neck. I just turned my neck the wrong way at the wrong time, and instant pain. Nothing serious though, so thank goodness for that. I got pain meds and muscle relaxants and although I am not back to normal, I feel significantly better than I did yesterday. This has also meant that I have been unable to go to work both yesterday and today. These are the first days off I have had since I started working on January 6th. Yes...I worked every. single. day. up until yesterday. I feel terrible for not being able to go in, but I do not feel comfortable driving since I can still barely turn my head to the left. It is definitely for the best of myself and the kids. I'm just really hoping I'll be feeling better tomorrow so I can go back to work and get back to the gym!

Has anything like this ever happened to you? How long did it take to recover?

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  1. ouch! so glad you have such a sweet roommate! get better soon!

  2. I'm so sorry you had to go through this! I'm SO glad your roommate was there to help you though and I'm really glad you're appreciative of her help. I know you deserve a day off but it sucks that your days off have to be spent in pain. I hope you're back to normal ASAP!

  3. Geez!! That's so scary!! Hope you're feeling better!!


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