Another Weekend Report

As I type this I am listening to James Taylor on vinyl and sipping on some Watermelon Smirnoff w/ Sierra Mist; and outside a thunder storm is rolling in! I love monsoon season in Arizona. It is actually my favorite "season" - watching the rain pour and hearing the thunder roll...just amazing! If my computer wasn't about to die I would totally relocate myself outside to write this post.

The view from my front porch - a lot prettier in person, but you get the idea!

Anyways, I had yet another wonderful weekend! I have gone home every weekend this summer which, even though it is a lot of driving, has been really nice. Since I'm "stuck" in Tucson working Monday-Friday I think it is really good for me to go home and hang out with my friends and family.

As soon as I got home me and my sister ran a few errands. It was the first time this summer I realized just how incredibly hot it is in Arizona right now. Since we were in and out of the car I could not cool down! I love Arizona, but only when I don't have to go out in this summer heat.
As a late birthday present Sarah bought me a capo so we rushed home, ate some Chick-fil-A (I have mentioned before that it is one of my happy foods, right??), and then played some guitar together! I now "know" three songs!

I really need to start using my camera instead of my iPhone...such crap quality!

Saturday night I hung out with this beautiful girl. I know you have probably heard enough about her, but I can't help but mention her in almost every post because I'm just so sad she's leaving me next weekend. :(
We ended up going to the casino with her wonderful mama! It was her first time going to the casino and my first time since turning 21 (Dillon and I went to a casino while on the cruise). I have to say that one time actually helped me a lot because instead of losing money I won about $70! I know, high roller here. ;)

Afterwards we went back to my house, had a couple drinks and "watched" Gangster Squad with my sister and her friend Klay. I say "watched" because we ended up just talking the entire time. But it was a really awesome night just hanging out.

All I have to say to this is "hahaha!"

A lazy day spent watching movies and TV shows, playing the guitar, eating Papa Johns Pizza, and redesigning my blog! I hope you like it - it's just a little more crisp, if that makes any sense.

This week should be a good one! Today was one of the best days my participant has had at work in a long time! Then we get July 4th off of work, which will be nice especially because it's just a random day in the middle of the week, which makes having a day off seem even better. Hopefully I'll do something exciting on the 4th so I can tell you all about it! :)

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  1. Happy monday from mingle monday!


  2. Or instead of an iPhone, you could get an Android. ;)
    Can you tell I'm obsessed with my phone? :p

    I love the heat but it definitely sounds like it would be too hot there for me!


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