That Time I (Rode in a Jeep and Almost Died)

Before I say anything else, I must tell you a little about my day today.
It has been a week and a half since I last posted (I'm as ashamed as you are) but I had some inspiration today so I told myself that as soon as I got home from work, I would sit down and write. Well wouldn't you know that today is the day that the internet wasn't working. (Okay, this happens a lot, but we'll just pretend that it was today of all days.)
After unplugging and plugging every single wire, still nothing. So I said, "That's okay! I can do lots of stuff without internet!" So I read a chapter out of my book...and then tried to restart the internet. No dice (what does this saying even mean?? It is a saying, right?). Then I decided, "well now would be a perfect time to try and sell my books from last semester on Amazon!" But wait...I need the internet for that.
Then I got super productive and transferred all the pictures on my phone to my computer, started organizing all of them into folders, deleted them all from my iPhone, and then tried to restart the internet.
Finally I sat down, looked some stuff up, figured out I reset our router to its factory settings so I needed to do a bunch of crap to get it to work again, and after 30+ minutes of that, our internet finally works!
And after all this, do you know what I'm most proud of? Our new Wifi name.
I wish I could say I thought of it all on my awesome-own, but I did not. I looked up "funny wifi names" and this was the best one!

Part Four of That Time I (Went on a Cruise)!
You can also check out part two and three!

The last island we would visit on the cruise was Aruba. Our excursion was a jeep ride...
...and I swear I almost died.

Honestly it was a lot of fun. I actually enjoyed it more than Dillon did. He didn't trust the jeep/seatbelts/doors...which was fully warranted. I'm pretty sure the jeep almost tipped over at least a hundred times, almost all the seatbelts were either broken or broke during our trip, and the back door swung open at least a million times during our speedy windy insane death-defying jeep ride.
Okay...I may be exaggerating just a little....but it really was scary!

We started out by driving to some mountain or hill thing (I have a terrible memory) and when you climbed the stairs to the top it had a gorgeous view of pretty much the entire island. (See "Aruba" picture.)

We then climbed back in the jeeps, almost died a couple more times, and then headed to this gorgeous natural pool. It was right by the ocean, but was naturally surrounded by rocks. It was actually quite deep and a lot of people went snorkeling (I tried for about a minute and then opted out...I really dislike fish). D was also a daredevil and climbed some rocks until he got yelled at. Whoops!

I have no idea what's going on with my hair...

We were also able to walk through some caves of the ancient Arubian people (I probably made that up) and it was pretty neat, but of course I don't have any pictures of that. Our last stop on our jeep ride was at a beach where we could actually go play in the water! It was a little scary because apparently there was a really strong undertow and of course Dillon and his uncles were as far as they could go, but I had fun just hanging out with his cousins in the shallower area! That was until I lost my beautiful pink sunglasses. I'm seriously still upset about that one.

And then back to the cruise ship we went! Overall it was a really fun excursion! I honestly really enjoyed the scariness of the ride until the end when I started to feel a little queasy. Luckily we all made it off the jeep without any fun bodily fluids arising. ;)

Even though it has been seven months since the cruise, I am still waiting on other pictures. So even though this post wraps up my That Time I (Went on a Cruise) series for now, don't be surprised to see it resurface in the future, just so I can share some of the random pictures that I either didn't have yet, or weren't from any specific excursion! 

Luckily I don't feel too bad about skipping last week's That Time I post, because Alex did, too! Although she is a much better blogger than me and still posted that day...and on all of the days in between. Whoops! But don't forget to check out her blog, because she's the best! :)

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  1. I wanted to name my wifi Wifflestickz. I don't know why. It's just fun to say. But Andrew said that was stupid so we settled on "My Wifi." Wow. How original.

    I like your wifi name though!

    Andrew and I rode on a jeep in Cuba! It was crazy!

    I wish you had pictures of the cave. I love caves!


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