That Time I (Spent the Weekend with Dustin)

I know what you must be thinking..."Who the heck is this Dustin that is not Dillon?!?"
Don't worry guys...Dustin is Dillon's brother!
Phew, now that we got that worry out of the way, let me tell you about the fun weekend we had!

His mom was going to be gone for the weekend up north for a scrapbooking weekend, so she asked me to come hang out with Dustin for the weekend!

Friday I didn't get there until late since I still had work that day. I think we ended up going to Target and then to Chick Fil A for dinner. We watched some TV and then it was ready for bed.
Now, After 3+ years of dating Dillon I have gotten to know Dustin pretty well. So well that I would consider him my younger brother...and like all younger brothers, they like to make fun of/play jokes on/scare their "older sisters." Sooooo I'm in Dillon's room getting ready for sleep and I'm getting into bed and I move one of the pillows, and this lovely thing is under it:
I seriously jumped. But I shouldn't have been surprised. He finds a new way to scare me with this thing every time I come over. And what's that in it's mouth, you may ask?
A turtle...it's supposed to be Tuck. Rude!

We went and saw Pacific Rim on Saturday, which was actually a much better movie than I was expecting! And Charlie Day is in it, and anything with him is just amazing.
And then the rest of the weekend consisted of shooting paintball guns! Dustin got really creative and we had a few different targets...including that dang lizard!!

Mine is the right...I may have lost every single round...
And then the most amazing dog, Brutus. :)

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