The Day My Dream Almost Came True...

...But then it didn't.
So I almost got a tattoo yesterday. I have wanted one since I don't know when, and I was this close to my dream becoming a reality. But that's the thing with dreams, huh? They are never quite how you imagine them, and never live up to your expectations.

Before my now roommate even became my roommate, we made a pact that by the end of the summer we would both get tattoos together. Yesterday as we were driving around I was thinking about said tattoo and how much I would be willing to pay and all that, and then as I was thinking all this Brittany says "Emily I really want to get our tattoos." And that was that, we took it as fate and decided that we would get them that night. (Okay it took a little convincing on my part due to financial issues and the fact that I have to swim for work...but they are really good at convincing me to do things.)

So we stopped by the first tattoo parlor we could find and asked the guy there what the minimum was for the kind of tattoo we wanted (we didn't want the same thing, but both wanted script on our foot). He told us $60...alright, not bad. We left, decided that we really wanted to do it, called back, and they said they had a guy who could do both of ours that night! So we rushed right back. We both told him what we wanted and he started drawing it up for us. Brittany's came out and it was perfect! Mine came out and...bam...disappointment. It was not at all his design, that I loved. But my quote was too big to fit on my foot the way I wanted it, and he said that he couldn't go much smaller. The solution would be to wrap around my foot, to start on the side but then wrap around onto the top. But it was just not how I was expecting it and dreaming of it, so I had to say no. I didn't want to make a rash decision when it just wasn't something that I was in love with. And for tattoos, as much as it was spontaneous, I don't think that it's smart to just jump completely into it without knowing that you're going to love it.

So here are my options, and I would love your input!

1.// Still get it on my foot but have it wrap around onto the top. Something like this:
Except for it would start back towards my heel a little bit and probably wrap around all the way to my big toe.

2.// Different location, the shoulder:

3.// Find a different place that can make the text smaller and fit on my foot the way I want it. I'm all for this, but I just really liked the guy who did my roommate's and I know that he'll do a good job with it. And when it comes to tattoos, I think it's smart to go to someone you have seen work before and know will do a good job.

Decisions, decisions.
But here is my roommate's finished product! I kinda love it. :)

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  1. I have been wanting one on the back of my neck but just can't seem to muster up the courage. Hopefully you end up with something that you like! I personally love yours on the shoulder (not a huge fan of foot tattoos, although I love the font on your friends).

  2. I really wish I could help you out with this one, but I'm not big on tattoos. My only suggestion is be careful where you put it. There may be times when you'll want it covered up and, depending on where you put it, you might not be able to.

    Especially for something like a job interview. I know some places (like my workplace) wont hire someone if they have a visible tattoo. No matter how nice it is!

  3. I have two tattoos. One is on my ribs (I would recommend ribs if what you want on your foot is too big!) and another is on the inside of my foot. It's super small.

    One I always think about with tattoo placement is my wedding dress. I'm weird about tattoos and weddings (but I love them on other people for their weddings, but not on me). So that's why I put my tattoos in a place that I could easily and quickly cover up.

    That's just my personal experience :) good luck!

  4. i'm getting my next one on my back, almost where yours is! i have two already and i can share this advice: make sure it's where you love and what you love.
    my first one was the "hey i'm 18 look at me i got a tattoo" and now i don't love it so much :( my second one i love, got it with my baby sissy and it means so much to me.
    i mean...it is ink. on you for life haha. but i love that saying you're thinking about!

  5. Ah the one your friend got is what I plan on getting =] Love your blog btw!


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