Ahhh Yeeeah

It is Friday once again!
And this is how I feel:

Such a glorious day, Friday.
I figured I would share with you a few things that even made the week pretty sweet. And since I never filled you in about my weekend, I decided to throw some stuff in here about that, too!

Went out with these two beautiful ladies on Saturday night. We had an amazing night, too. We met up with Beca's brothers at this place called Rula Bula which is an Irish pub on Mill. They had a live band doing covers which was really cool, and one guy in the band played an electric violin which is automatically awesome.
We stayed out until closing time, went to a place called Slices to get pizza, witnessed a massive fight, had to quickly get out of the way so we wouldn't get maced, and then headed back to Beca's house. 
Exciting, right?
Then we ended up staying up all night talking. It was seriously so nice to just have some girl time and talk about everything and anything. I think I mentioned before that Beca and I have known each other since high school and we were roommates our freshman year of college. It has been great to catch up! I seriously miss this girl.

I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without this girl. She is moving to Texas in a week and I think I might die. We are the kind of friends that can go weeks without talking and even months without seeing each other but still consider each other best friends, so I know that will never change. But it's going to definitely be weird to be states apart instead of a mere hour and a half drive. I'm not-so-secretly hoping she stays for a month or two, realizes she misses me just too damn much, and then comes home.

Sunday was spent with my sister. It was her 19th birthday on Monday but since I would be in Tucson that day I told her that we could do anything she wanted on Sunday! We ended up going out to eat at Panda Express and then to the movies to see This Is The End. 
What?? You haven't seen this movie yet??
Go. It's hilarious. I don't go to the movies often because I'm way too cheap for that,
but this movie was totally worth it!
Then I took my sister shopping at Forever 21. Sometimes you can go there and never find anything worth buying, but this was not one of those times. I may or may not have bought a few things for myself. Whoops.
Then we went back home and watched Breaking Dawn Part II and laughed our heads off at how ridiculous it is. I apologize if you are a Twilight fan but...no. The movie was hilariously awful. The only time I even remotely cared was when Jasper *died*. Him and Charlie are the only great things about the movies.

For work we recently went on two field trips. One was to the Tucson Children's Museum. She had an absolute blast!
This was her favorite, and we actually spent the majority of the time in this room. It's just a series of tubes and there is air rushing through it. The kids can put fluffy balls and scarves through it and flip switches to determine which way the air will flow and where the things will come out! She loved just watching it and actually fell on the floor because she was giggling so hard. It was precious. I especially love this picture because it's actually two moms playing with it while the kids just had to stand there and watch. I guess it's fun for all ages! :)

Yesterday we went to Pump It Up which is a facility with a bunch of bounce houses such as slides and obstacle courses. She really enjoyed this trip, too! Unfortunately I can't post any pictures because I feel it's against her privacy as a camper. But I really wish you could see her laughing all the way down the slide!

Just got this in the mail today from Dillon! He brought this all the way back from Germany! It is peach liquor, homemade by German farmers. This is probably the best gift he could have gotten me from Germany. And it was a semi-surprise! I knew he was sending it to me but I was completely surprised to see the package at my door today because when it didn't come at it's scheduled day yesterday, D realized he sent it to the wrong address! We were thinking they would have to send it back to him and then he would have to resend it but thankfully they figured out the mix-up and got it delivered! It was really warm when I first unwrapped it so I put it in the fridge and I will try it tomorrow! 

Speaking of D, he officially booked my flight up to Colorado in just nine days! I am feeling really blessed to have this upcoming weekend. Things have been pretty rough lately since he was in Germany for three weeks (nine hour time difference...no thank you) and he also doesn't get to come home for summer leave. It is going to be really nice to have some time together to reconnect and refresh our relationship.

And that is all my lovin's for the week! I'm looking forward to a nice weekend, and I hope you are, too!

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