That Time I (Swam With Dolphins)

Part Three of That Time I (Went on a Cruise)
See Part Two here!

Our second destination on the cruise was Curaçao, which is an island in the southern Caribbean!

This island was gorgeous. My favorite part about it being the colorful buildings.
I wish we had such colorful cities in America! 

Our excursion on this island was...wait for it...swimming with dolphins!

After getting off the ship we drove to the Caracao Sea Aquarium where we took part in the Dolphin Academy! I am not going to lie, I was really scared! I think I have mentioned before that I really don't like the ocean, and I greatly dislike almost everything that swims around in it. I was really hesitant to do much, but towards the end I was actually diving in and swimming below the surface with them! It was a really great experience.

Dolphin kisses!

When you waved two fingers the dolphins would sing!

You can see how we were still in ocean water, it was just an enclosed area, which was really cool.

Before swimming with the dolphins we walked around the rest of the aquarium. There was a shark feeding where you could "pet" the sharks and then feed them! I decided to not take part in that activity...I'm such a baby.

After swimming with dolphins we watched a dolphin show!

And then the rest of the evening looked a little like this:

This was the only night that was had on an island, so Dillon and I decided to take advantage of it! We ended up going out to dinner just us two and then going to a casino (where we actually won some money!). I was scared the entire some of the time though because I didn't want the ship to leave us! Overall it was a gorgeous island on a gorgeous day/evening!

I hope this was well worth the wait! I'll try my best not to leave you hanging like that again. :)
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  1. I love dolphins! Andrew and I swam with dolphins when we were in Cuba. It was so awesome. But your experience looks much better!

  2. Loved these photos! I went to Discovery Cove last month and swam with dolphins... it was like a dream come true. :)


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