That Time I (Moved Out)

I guess you could say I moved out of the house when I started my Freshman year of college at the University of Arizona. But honestly, I don't really count it. I lived in the dorms my first year, but I was home almost every weekend. Being only an hour and a half away from my family's home, plus having a boyfriend back home, meant I was making the drive making other people drive me back and forth very often. Still, it was different! Living in a small dorm with another person in a house with 50 girls is much different than having your own room in the house where the rest of your family lives.
Me and my lovely roommate:
And the only picture I can find which shows my side of the room:
Outside of the dorm:
But I think the real moving out happened my sophomore year of college when I moved into a house!
I had planned on just living in the dorms again my second year, mainly because I didn't want to have to buy a car. But my cousin was moving out of her house and her roommates wanted me to move in! And I just couldn't pass it up. The house is just so cute! It's in a gated community, it's way nicer than any house or apartment I have seen my friend's move into, plus since it's a house there is a ton of space! I have now lived there for two years, and this will be my last year in the house! There is really nothing like "growing up" than having to pay rent, utilities, and a car payment every month...so now I would say I'm officially moved out!
This is before I moved in but hey we're cute:
I may or may not have attended a few parties there while my cousin was still living there...it's a fun house guys.
And well, I'm too lazy to go take pictures of the rest of my house, to be honest. But trust me, it's nice!!! :D

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