That Time I (Graduated from High School)

So yeah...it happened!
Three years ago, people.
And now in 121 days, I'll be graduating college.
I have been having way too many panic attacks about this.
So let's go back to when things were simple.
I graduated high school, and I thought I was on top of the world.

The pearl necklace I'm wearing was a graduation gift from my Auntie Lee Anne. She gave me a pearl for Christmas every single year, and then surprised me with this gorgeous necklace!
 This was a surprise scrapbook that my mom put together for me! A lot of my family and friends each made a page for me, including pictures and a letter. It was the sweetest gift I could have ever asked for, and I know I will always cherish it.

 Me and the siblings. I cannot believe how young we all look!!
My gorgeous best friend, Morgan did my hair and make up for the big day. :)

And that's all folks!
Excuse me as I go cry in a corner wishing I could go back.

^^You know you want to^^

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  1. I love how you're looking at the wrong camera in half of the pictures. :p

    Your friend did a great job on the curls! I have no idea how to do my hair like that!


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