That Time I (Cried Over a Pair of Shoes)

I have never been one to get too obsessed over material things such as jewelry, clothing, or shoes. I like a new outfit as much as the next girl, but I usually just go to Forever 21, pick up a couple things, and I'm good. I don't normally shop online, or if I do I just bookmark all of the things I wish I could have and then never look at them again. But when I saw these boots...everything changed.

It was around Christmas of last year that I was browsing Amazon when I came upon these boots:
Check them out here!
And I seriously fell in love. I had seen boots similar to these on girls around campus, but nothing as absolutely fabulous as these (I'm only a little biased). The only problem?? They were waaaaaay out of my budget. Over $100 for a pair of boots? I could honestly never justify paying that much. I don't judge those of you who do spend this much, I mean if you can afford it then why not? But with me always complaining about being a poor college kid, there is no way I could buy these and feel good about myself. I personally would rather be able to drive around in my own car than to walk around in these boots.

So I didn't buy them. But I looked at them constantly. I had never been so in love with a pair of shoes before and wanted them so badly. I was always clicking on the bookmarked link, just hoping I would get lucky and the price would go down. I actually think they did go down about $30 from when I first looked at them, but still...way out of my money league.

I started following targetdoesitagain on instagram. Probably one of the worst decisions of my life because it makes me want absolutely everything at Target. As if I didn't already, but this was a friendly reminder of all the cute things I can't have.
Then something magical happened. Yes people...magical. They posted this:
Could it be?? Boots in the exact style that I have been wanting but for more than $100 less???

So I rushed to Target that same weekend. But they weren't there.
Then I tried the Target in Tucson. No dice (can someone please explain this saying to me??).
Finally I decided to just order them online. I didn't want to pay shipping and I don't really like buying stuff before trying it on, but I was desperate.
Get them here!
There they were in all their glory on the Target website. But do you know what those b#$&*es told me?? That they didn't have my size in stock, and that they were not sold in stores yet.
WHAT?!? Do those girls behind targetdoesitagain get a sneak peak of stuff or what?? Because they sure as hell saw them in the store!
Honestly people, why I got so upset still amazes me, but I had been wanting these shoes for the better part of a year; I wanted them and I wanted them now.

Randomly one night after getting to California I decided to check online again. Maybe stores in California have them?? And I was right! I checked a store near me and they were in stock and in my size!!
The next time my grandma sent me out of the house I checked where the nearest Target was and went to buy my precious boots. It said that Target was on Hillsdale and I was like yeah, that street sounds familiar, it must be this one! I walked in, so excited to finally be getting these boots. But they weren't. there.
This was the part where I cried. Okay, okay. I didn't actually cry, but there was extreme sadness; way more than I am happy to admit.

I went back to my grandparents' house, and sadly told my grandma that the stupid online Target b*#&$es lied to me again. She says, "Really? The one on Blossom Hill didn't have them? It's such a huge Target, that's surprising." Oh. People, I went to the wrong Target. I rushed to the right Target the very next day.

When I first got there all I saw were the black boots on display. And the brown ones that were on the shelf weren't in my size. My heart sank. Could this really be happening to me? Why do bad things happen to good people? I grabbed a pair of boots that I knew would be too big, but wanting to try them on anyway. I walked down a random aisle so I could sit down and try them on and in that aisle there just happened to be the brown boots in my size. YAY!!!!!! I tried them on with a huge smile on my face, bought them with a huge smile on my face, and me and the boots are living happily ever after.

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you could tell how excited I was.
Just...look at them. They are gorgeous and all mine.
Plus, look at those sexy hot pink water shoes. In a couple weeks I will be in Colorado for Dillon's third parent's weekend and we are going white water rafting. I saw these and knew I had to have them!
Also, there's a moral to this story. WAIT before you buy something! If I had already gotten these expensive as heck Steve Madden boots when the Target ones came out for less than half the price, I would have been so angry at myself. Yes, they do look a little different but it was more the style that I was aiming for. I am so happy with my purchase. Unfortunately since they're cheaper that means more people will have them but I don't even care. I GOT MY BOOTS! :)

As always, hop on over to Alex's blog where she talks about that time she went to Vancouver! You can also check out my first That Time I post in which I went to Vancouver, as well! You can see that we went to a few of the same places! Best bloggy friends ever. ;)

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  1. Yay! So happy you got your boots!!! I love target and will now follow that Instagram which I probably shouldn't because target already owns half my income! Haha

  2. Girl, I've done that over a pair of shoes before, too! I completely empathize!
    Love your blog; you've gained a new Mississippi follower :)


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