I'm Still A Kid at Heart

I think all of us are still kids at heart, whether we're 21 or 81.
At least I really hope so.
Here's why I think I'm still a kid at heart:

I still watch cartoons, and they are my favorite.
I love all things cartoon. Animated Pixar and Disney films? Always amazing. Phineas and Ferb is honestly the best show. Ever. When I was working at the camp this summer me and some of the kids (ages 5-7) were talking excitedly about our favorite episodes. I mean come on, real life tree houses? That is every kid's dream, and still is mine.
Give me some crayons and I'm a happy camper.
Although I have only one creative bone in my body (the smallest bone there is) I still love to color. My roommates made fun of me, but I whipped out those crayons and started coloring in my Pixar cartoons coloring book anyway (see number one of why I'm still a kid at heart). Also, if a restaurant has a paper table cloth and they have crayons, you can bet I'll be doodling all night instead of eating.
Mac and Cheese is my favorite food.
It may also be because of my poor college kid diet, but I have mac and cheese at least once a week. And going along with my first one, I always have to get the shaped ones. Phineas and Ferb mac and cheese is my favorite, however I'm loving the Monsters University one that's out right now.
I still need my mommy and daddy.
Yes, I am very independent - I have my own house, I pay my own bills, and I drive my own car. But when it comes down to it, I will always need my mommy and daddy. And no, I'm not ashamed to say that!
I sleep with a teddy bear.
I made a bear at build-a-bear with my girl scout troop when I was quite young, and I still sleep with her almost every night. At one point I thought I was too cool and tossed her aside, but then I realized I like having something to cuddle with at night. Until Dillon can permanently take her place as my cuddle buddy, I'm going to keep her around.

There really are probably a hundred more ways I am still a kid at heart.
Tell me, what do you love to do that makes you feel like a kid with infinite potential??
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  1. I love Mac and Cheese!

    I used to sleep with a teddy bear every night until Andrew moved in with me. :$ I just like having something to cuddle! I got so used to hugging it when falling asleep, that now, if Andrew isn't there, I cuddle with a pillow!

  2. I still love all the food we used to eat as kids!!! Hey, when I go to restaurants I still get chicken fingers or hot dogs, I'm not ashamed :) I have teddy bears and such all around my room. I think it's something that we all feel comfort in and so now when we're having a bad day or just want to cuddle we stick in that zone. I guess hugging a teddy bear is better than eating a gallon of ice cream right? :)

  3. Haha! Love this! I agree with you on the crayons, mac & cheese, and teddy bears! :)


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