Taco Salad

Okay, this is one of my favorite foods to eat. It is so yummy, on the healthy side, and super easy to make. My mom has been making this for our family for a long time, and it is one of the few recipes I carried with me into college. Not because my mom doesn't make good food...it's because I'm usually too lazy to do anything more than mac & cheese for dinner. And not the regular kind, the Phineas and Ferb mac and cheese, thank you very much.

So here are the ingredients:

Honestly, you're just going to throw all those things in a bowl and call it good. PLEASE brown the meat. Unless you're into that kind of thing, eating raw meat and stuff. And then I would put it in the refrigerator for a while before serving. Other than that, you're golden. The brands are variable, use whatever you want. Ground turkey, ground beef, whatevs. I've used both. You can make a huge bowl and add all these things in by the handful if you have a family to serve, but since I cook for myself (this isn't really cooking, is it?) I just make one bowl at a time. 

And you can obviously eliminate or add anything you want. I haven't always made it with corn, and my mom usually adds tomatoes and red peppers to hers. It's one of those salads that you may not have thought of before, but is super easy to tailor to your taste buds.


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  1. Yum! And super easy for a college kid to make! Love this!

  2. Loving your new header. And I am in LOVE with taco salad-I might make it once a week :)

  3. I don't eat meat, but nachos/taco salad is definitely one of my favorite foods! LOVE the rest of that stuff! :)


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