Sassy Emily?

So lately I've been told by multiple people that I'm sassy.
Adjective: Lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
And my favorite synonym: saucy.

Honestly...I have never been called sassy before, in all my 20 years of life. I have always considered myself quiet, shy, reserved, introverted, etc. 
So now that in the past month at least five people have claimed I'm sassy, I guess I'm starting to believe them.
I attribute this new-found sassy-ness to this wonderful blog world. I do not think I am just trying to fit in, and therefore am changing myself. No, I would not say that.
I mean...I've always been funny (or at least I think I am...usually I can get pity laughs from my boyfriend, but if I can make myself laugh that's all that matters...right?!? 

However, when people call me sassy I honestly can't tell if they mean it as a compliment. I mean, that fancy definition I gave seems like it would be a good thing, right?? I want to be full of spirit, goshdarnit!

So in honor of this "I'm-not-so-sure-being-sassy-is-considered-a-good-thing-but-I'm-rolling-with-it" thing I got going on, here is some of my favorite sassy gifs:

*Honey Boo Boo approves of this message.

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  1. Hahahaha. I like you already! This is such a funny post. I'm sassy, too. In my own weird way!



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