USAFA Baseball: Las Vegas

Have you missed me?? Just kidding. But really. This week has been crazy. I have a chemistry exam tonight, and studying for it has taken over my life. That, plus since I'm going home again this weekend (yay boyfriend is coming home!) I have been trying to get everything done early...and have failed miserably at it. Oh well.

Last weekend I was able to drive up with Dillon's mom and brother to Las Vegas to see him play baseball! It is the first game they've had that was in reasonable driving distance from us (only a six hour drive), so we jumped at the chance. I was really grateful that his mom invited me without hesitation. It saved me a lot of $$$.

So I took off work on Friday, skipped asked my professors if it was okay for me to miss class, and we set off on our road trip at 8am. The whole weekend was kind of a tease as far as seeing the boy. It was an hour or two here and there between baseball, team activities, and curfew. But something is better than nothing, right?? (It is really hard to take that mentality though...but I cried like a baby when he had to leave to his room the first night totally dealt with it like a champ.)

Saturday night was the best because we got about six hours together. His best friend at the academy, who is also on the baseball team, actually lives in Vegas, so his parents invited us over for dinner that night. Then we drove down the strip - I am determined to go to Vegas for my 21st now!

Here are some pictures from the weekend in no particular order because ain't nobody got time for that...and I'm just lazy.

 My boyfriend likes to take pictures with his eyes closed.

 The gang.

 I'm so mad I had the wrong setting on my camera for this picture because I think it's a cool picture. Not so much? Okay.

Mom and son.

 Friday night. Three and out...is that the right term? It sounds good to me at least.

Being studious and what-not. Again...wrong setting on my camera. Darnit.

 Saturday afternoon game.

 Dillon pitching and his roommate is the catcher. 

I cannot wait to go to his games in San Diego, it's only a little over a month!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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  1. I love your pictures, that is so great that you were able to see Dillon! And those uniforms are way too cool!

  2. So glad you got to take a trip to see him!!! Yay! This is such a happy post! :)

  3. Love all the pictures!!! Awesome weekend with your boy! it seems that baseball players are quite busy huh? One of my best friends growing up is now playing with the Chicago Cubs and is always on the go!

  4. So happy that you got to see him! I'm jealous that you get to again this weakend! I love all your pictures and the matching uniforms are adorable! Can't wait to see you in San Diego hehe :)

  5. cute!


  6. You guys are so cute! And don't worry-I cried when leaving Mike this weekend and he lives in the same city as me now! Seriously-dealing like a champ status! :)

  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one who sets the setting wrong on her camera. I do it alot when I'm outside playing catch with the dog and i'm trying to get him in action and its always blurry and im like ugh..... It can be aggravating.

  8. I was actually signed into the wrong account when i made this comment but im from pinkowl07.blogspot.com


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