This year, after seeing a ton of posts about it on Pinterest, I decided to keep a memory jar. I find that it is only helpful to look at the past when you are looking at all the good things that have happened. I think we can all learn and grow from our past, whether it is the good or bad, but there is no need to dwell on the pain of the past. So to help me focus on the good things in life, I created a memory jar! It was super easy and really cheap, as the only thing I had to buy was the jar.

My only real criteria was to buy one that had a lid, and also had a flat outside surface that I could decorate. I went to Ross because I figured I could buy a fairly cheap jar, and I hit the jar jackpot! There were so many that it took me probably 20 minutes to finally decide on one!

I had planned on painting the letters on with stencils, but that proved to be a little more difficult than I was expecting. So I just free-handed "Memories" towards the bottom of the jar and "2013" on the lid. I kept it simple by just using black paint. I decided to use bright colored sticky notes to write my memories on, which will give the jar the pop of color that isn't directly on the jar itself.

So far I think I have five memories! I did put a few memories from 2012, like going on the cruise with Dillon and his family, in there. But it was towards the end of 2012 so I figured it was okay. :) I'm going to write down small things as well as the big important ones. For example, I wrote a "memory note" on my first day of my Senior year of college as a small one. A HUGE one was celebrating my three year anniversary with Dillon. I'm really excited to fill it up and to read about all the good memories of this year towards the end of 2013. I am hoping that no matter where I am in life at that time, I can look back on these memories and smile.

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