Christmas 2013

Thanksgiving, Graduation, and now Christmas! It had been an eventful couple months and it wasn't over yet!

I mentioned in my last post that my parents and brothers flew down for my graduation, and luckily they were all able to be here for Christmas Eve, as well! We all drove over to my Aunt's house in the evening and then went to church. My grandpa leads the youth band and they were playing at the Christmas Eve service. My grandpa is seriously so adorable playing on his keyboard and leading the teens.
 Okay seriously, excuse how white I am. I accidentally bought the wrong shade of Bare Minerals but it's so expensive that I didn't want it to go to waste. Little did I know just how terribly wrong the shade was. Especially with the flash of the camera. So yeah...sorry.
 My lovely sister and handsome cousin. 
 We call this family the "planned" family...my sister and I were planned babies, my brothers...not so much.
 This about describes the relationship of my siblings.
 Only slightly obsessed with our dresses and shoes. We got both dresses from Charlotte Russe and her booties are from Target and my heels are from Marshall's. I accidentally left my shoes there that night due to being slightly under the influence. I really hope I can get them back because I'm in love with them!
After that we went back to my Aunt's house to eat Krup Kracker, which is something I look forward to every single Christmas. It's a Norwegian dish (I think) and it's basically potato stuffed with ham. No description could do it justice, really. It's just delicious. After that we all sat down and opened presents. Then came the drinking, pool, beer pong, signs, and more drinking. It was an amazing night.
Unfortunately, my parents had a flight back to North Dakota at 6am Christmas morning, so my sister and I had to skip sleep and drive them to the airport. It was pretty sad that they weren't there for Christmas Day, but I was happy that we all got to spend Christmas Eve together as a family.

Christmas Day was definitely weird. Dillon drove home to spend the morning with his family. That left just my siblings and I staying in the house we were in over break. We woke up, watched No Strings Attached, played pool, and ate eggrolls. A little strange for Christmas morning, right? But it was honestly great. Later that day we went to my other Aunt's house for Christmas lunch and to spend time with family. It's really nice that pretty much my whole dad's side of the family lives in Arizona because we still have family around even if my parents aren't.

And that was Christmas, ya'll! Definitely far from normal, but altogether perfect.

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  1. I LOVE your shoes here!!! Glad you had a good Christmas!


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