Weekend Happenings

This past weekend was a fun and relaxing one. I love that my job is a Monday-Friday job so I still get to enjoy the weekends without any stress.

A nice relaxing night with my roommate Brittany.
We watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Jumper. I hadn't seen either of these movies before (shame on me) and I really enjoyed both of them! Adam Sandler is always amazing, then throw in Kevin James and you automatically have a hit. 

Drove home around noon and hung out with my sister and her friend Klay. She has been all by her lonesome since the rest of my family has moved up to North Dakota for the summer. It was strange going home and not actually seeing most of my family, but it was nice to see the sister, none the less.

And then there was Saturday night.
Went out with these two lovely ladies, who you may recognize from this post! It was my first time going out with them and we had an amazing time! I have known both of them since my freshman year of college and although I have been fairly close with Sayra since then, Meghan and I just started getting close this past year.
In all honesty, I love being 21. But it's really not all about the drinking. It's fun to be out and socialize with friends and just have a great time. We started at Handlebar, which is the first place I went to when I first turned 21 and then we went to a place called Cue Club because Meghan had some friends there and they had billiards, so it was fun just sitting and watching the game!

I had to wake up bright and early to head back home to help my sister irrigate. Our house is on two acres of land so instead of the convenient sprinkler system most people have, we actually have to open up some ports and let the water pour through for five hours! What's nice is that we only have to go out there a few times to open and close ports, so it's not like we are out there in the sun for five hours straight. During that time we just watched TV and Sarah played some guitar for me!
She recently learned how to play I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz which is just a beautiful song in general, and even more beautiful when it's my sister playing and singing. I told her that she has to play it at my wedding. :)

And that was my weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well, and that the week hasn't been too harsh on you!

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