That Time I (Went to Prom...Twice)

Oh prom. Hopefully you're not a cynic who hates every cliche thing about high school, because if so this post is not for you! I am lucky enough to say that both of my proms were with Dillon. Not that I think everyone is meant to marry their high school sweetheart or anything, but I do feel grateful that I can look back at my prom pictures and feel happy, instead of saying something along the lines of "Gross...I actually went to prom with that guy?"

My senior year of high school I really wanted to go to prom. And I figured, hey, I have a boyfriend, this will be perfect! Well, D wasn't exactly on the same page as me. He kept telling me he didn't want to go. So I did what any good girlfriend would do...I guilted him into it.
Come on, you know you would do the same! 
So off to prom we went!

Awh. We were such babies! Our prom location was seriously the coolest; it was at the Science Center. Sound lame? You're wrong.
If you were like me and got too embarassed to dance tired of dancing after a while, you could walk around the entire museum and play with all the things they had! Honestly, it was the coolest thing ever.

Then came my freshman year of college, but Dillon was still a senior in high school. This time he actually wanted to take me to prom! And this time he got creative.

Sorry for the poor Webcam quality!

I got this adorable guy still wrapped in his build-a-bear home delivered to my dorm room one day. His name is Officer Love and he was holding this:

Yes...maybe a little cheesy. But it made me so happy! I think it's quite cute. :)

Once again the lovely Jamie makes an appearance! She styled my hair like the amazing friend she is. :)


This year both me and my sister went to prom! It was really fun getting ready and taking pictures together.

We know, the horse butt in the back just makes the picture. ;)
And my dress? Dillon picked it out. I think he did an amazing job! It was one of those dresses I really didn't think looked that great on the hanger, but he was sick of dress shopping knew it was the perfect dress. So I tried it on and fell in love! Also, I think he looks amazing in his white tux. He was the only one of his friends brave enough, and I definitely think he pulled it off!

Honestly, I don't remember where prom was that year. But this year we were both ready to dance the night away, and it was one of the best nights ever! So tell me, did you go to prom? Was it as amazing as you had imagined?

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  1. What a cute post! Takes me back to the high school days. Oh how I wish I could go back...notttt! haha! I did have a blast at my proms though. What can I say, I like to get jiggy with it. :)

  2. Aw, those pictures are so sweet! I love looking back at my old prom pictures! I didn't even know Dan then, but they're still SO much fun to laugh at! And they were SO long ago, so it's just hilarious. I'm glad you enjoyed yours, and I must say that I'm jealous one of yours was at a science museum! That sounds PERFECT!


  3. Awww too sweet! I love how the speed was 143!

  4. First off, Both of your dresses are gorgeous! seriously.
    and second, lucky you for getting to go to prom twice!
    I LOVED prom and probably would have went a million times haha.


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