Thirsty Thursday Anyone?

Now that I am finally 21 and back in my college town, I had to take advantage of the fact that it was the first Thirsty Thursday I could actually go out to the bars and drink my little heart out. Okay so, that didn't actually happen, but it could have, and that's the point! The first Thursday of the school year my roommate and I got all dressed up to go out on University with her other friend and her friend's boyfriend.
The first place we went was to the Auld Dubliner where we had their famous...wait for it...Harry Potter shots. I don't know what is in those bad boys but they are goooood. And quite a show is put on when you order them, too:

So, you know. That's pretty awesome.

The only other bar on University is Gentle Ben's, which I thought was pretty cool because it's a roof top bar. There's an outside section, the bar, and then the dance floor. Unfortunately for you, I don't have any fun videos of me dancing, because it didn't happen, because I wasn't quite drunk enough for that. Haha.
Once we were at Gentle Ben's it started raining, but not enough for it to be unpleasant. After we had enough of creepy boys and spilled drinks, we walked to Toni's boyfriend's frat house on campus just to say hi. Poor guy was literally standing there all night opening and closing their front door. Also, my toes didn't appreciate the walk, because I got a huge blister on my toe from walking that far in my heels. After a quick hello we hopped in a cab back to our house. And let me tell you guys, I need to stop carrying around cash. Usually people say to always have cash because it's harder to spend cash than it is to use your card. It is the complete opposite for me. If I have cash, then it's already not in my bank account, so I pretty much just throw it around. It was a $10 cab ride but I gave him a $20 and told him to keep the change. Pretty sure I made his night, haha!!

Since then, I haven't been to the bars. Call me lame, but I like staying at home, watching Netflix, and sipping on a beer much better.

Have you had any fun weekends out lately? Do you prefer going out or staying in?

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  1. Aw, this makes me miss college SO much! Thirsty Thursday was the best night of the week... loved going out with my friends! Glad you had a great time! :)



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