And Then Life Got in the Way

I told myself I would be a "good blogger." I would blog consistently, I would post pretty pictures, and I would post content that people would enjoy. But then life got in the way. 
Since my last post, exactly a month ago, things have gotten extremely busy. I was past syllabus week at school, and things that I forgot how to do, like study, started happening. I got a second job that now puts me at working about thirty hours a week. My family moved to North Dakota, which has made me quite sad.

I have been struggling with even wanting to blog, but I remembered how much I genuinely enjoy it. I enjoy taking the time to remember the great things that have happened, and I even enjoy looking back on the not-so-great things and how I can learn from them. I enjoy interacting with other bloggers, through comments on my own posts and me commenting on other bloggers' posts.

So here is to catching up, one post at a time!

When I was staying with my grandparents in California we ended up going through about seven boxes of all of their old picture slides. Grandpa set up the projector, and for a week we sat down and looked at all their pictures. There were some of my mom and aunt when they were babies, but most of them were from all their travels once my mom and aunt were out of the house. It was fun to see all the pictures of my mom and aunt with different boys...ha! My grandparents lived in Germany for a year and I absolutely loved looking at all the pictures from that time. One of my favorite pictures, though, was of my grandma and grandpa when they were newly married. I cannot tell you how happy it made my heart to see a candid photo of them in a snowball fight with each other, smiling and so in love. My grandma told me that they probably hadn't looked at those photos in years, and it made me so happy to sit there with them as the reminisced about their adventures together.

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  1. Dangit, life! Relax a little so Emily can get back to blogging and I can read more of her lovely posts!

    Your grandparents sound too cute! <3

  2. Glad you're back! Don't let blogging become a chore, it's supposed to be fun! :-)

  3. How great that your grandparents have all those pictures for you to look at. What a great piece of family history! I absolutely love looking at old photos.


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