Valentine's Day

This was Dillon and my fourth Valentine's Day together. We have never done something too incredibly special in the past that I can recall, which has always been okay because our anniversary is just a month before. However, this Valentine's Day I wanted to do something a little bit more special. First, I got him a gift that I am SO excited for him to get (although I'm totally failing since I haven't even sent it yet...oops!) I'll post about it after he finally gets it.

But onto the more exciting story. After getting the idea from a few other USAFA girlfriends, I decided I wanted to have a date night with Dillon. And yes...we were able to accomplish this while still being 800+ miles away from each other. Since he would be traveling to Texas for baseball on the 14th, we decided to do this the night of the 13th. We both ordered Chinese food and decided we would Oovoo while eating and watching a movie (Thor!) together. 
Some may say I went a little overboard in that I got COMPLETELY dressed up. I wore a dress, did my makeup, and curled my hair (all of which I hardly ever do). 
I told Dillon I was "getting pretty" but I didn't tell him exactly what I was doing. I really just wanted to wear the pearl earrings he had given me for our three year anniversary! I was a little embarrassed that I went all-out, but he ended up wearing a collared shirt and told me repeatedly how beautiful I was. *Awh* 
It was one of the nicest things we have done together while apart. We have Oovoo'd and watched TV together plenty of times, but this was completely different and absolutely amazing. I was afraid he would think it was extremely cheesy (which it really was) but he liked it so much he suggested we try to do something like it once a month. Such a sweetheart! 

The next day was Valentine's Day and because of the night before, I didn't find myself becoming sad over all the couples on campus. My best friend, Becca made me a shirt to wear on Valentine's Day, and I absolutely love it!! Her man is on his mission right now, and so the shirts were perfect for us. The back has their last name's (and our *hopefully* future last names)! 
Then Dillon, being the thoughtful man he is, surprised me by booking me a massage! It was incredibly sweet of him, and honestly much needed because I have been so stressed out lately. Overall, it was the perfect Valentine's Date/Day. I feel so incredibly blessed to be in love with such an amazing man, and then to have an amazing best friend who understands the hardships of distance, but the wonderfulness of being in love.


  1. This is so cute! That is such a great "date night" idea!


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