Visit to Colorado Springs

My first trip to Colorado Springs of 2013 was a success! There was only two weeks in between this visit and when he left after Christmas break, but because of the crazy semester and summer we will have, we figured it was definitely worth it. My flight wasn't until Saturday morning, so I was able to spend Friday evening with my family. My parents and I went to my brother Jonathan's varsity soccer game, which was AWESOME! He scored a goal, which was his first on the varsity team (he's only a sophomore in high school).
Number 63 being a badass.

Then we ordered Chinese and had a nice relaxing night together, which of course included the famous fire night. (Which is really only famous with our family but that counts!)

So onto the trip to Colorado. My flight was at 7:30 out of the Phoenix-Mesa airport, which meant I had to be up at 5am! I am definitely not a fan of waking up that early, but I am a fan of seeing Dillon, so I won't complain too much. My flight was unfortunately delayed an hour which caused me to have to rush to my connecting flight (which I THANKFULLY made). The lady sitting next to me had the most adorable puppy with her, so I didn't mind that too much. :)
Dillon was able to pick me up from the airport, and the first hug and kiss was perfect (even though I was extremely tired). The first hug/kiss after being away, no matter how long, is always the sweetest. We then drove to my cousin's house and watched the UA vs. ASU game (GO WILDCATS!). Most of our time was just spent lounging around watching Community together. We usually watch Community together while Skyping, so it is always really nice to be able to watch it while actually physically together. We also went and saw the movie Mama. When we first started dating, watching scary movies was kind of "our thing." Since then I have become an extreme baby, but it was actually nice to watch a scary movie with him. On Sunday we randomly decided to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, which was so much fun! We took my three young cousins, and we all had a blast.

Uh...YES! That is a baby giraffe being born! Check out the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo website for ADORABLE pictures of this giraffe. :D 

And the most adorable baby gorilla. Dillon says I should work at the zoo while I'm up in Colorado after I graduate. Working with all the baby animals?? YES PLEASE!

My flight didn't leave out of Colorado Springs until 5pm on Monday, so we got to have a nice lunch together before I left. We just went to Chick fil A (because I had a gift card I could use) but it was really nice to sit down and eat together and talk. Right after he was done eating, he wanted to get up and leave, but I made him sit down and just talk with me for a while. He seemed confused (he doesn't understand how I can go somewhere with my friends and end up staying there for hours just talking), but it ended up being really nice. 

Saying goodbye at the airport was awful (as it always is), especially because we are not sure when we will see each other next. There were tears, and Dillon leaving and coming back like three times, but I made it through security. I briefly met another USAFA girlfriend, whose boyfriend is also on the baseball team, which was nice. This time, instead of being worried of missing my connecting flight, I had a THREE HOUR layover in the Denver airport. I was definitely not a fan of this, especially because it was three more hours I was in Colorado but not able to see Dillon.

The goodbyes are always hard, but I am always sweetly told by my dad that it just means I'm one day closer to seeing him again. I am so excited to be in Colorado a year from now, and for our goodbyes to only be for a few days at a time. Until then, I am trying to fully appreciate and love even these short visits.

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  1. It was so nice to see you in the airport! I'm glad you and your man had a fun trip. Hope to see you at some of the games!


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