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I made my first purchase of 2013 today and I could not be happier about it! Last semester all I did was save save save. I had to save up for the cruise I went on, and I hardly ever ate out, only bought a couple new outfits at the very beginning of the semester, I don't remember ever going to the movies, avoided hanging out with friends because that would mainly consist of spending money, and didn't drive home very much to avoid paying for gas. I still need to focus on saving money this semester, just because that's a good habit, but I'm not going to be as crazy about it.
So this is the shirt I bought:
Super cute, and an extremely good cause. By purchasing this shirt, I donated $14 to Together We Rise, a nonprofit organization "dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the Foster Care system in America." My fourteen dollars provides two foster children with "a duffel bag filled with items such as a towel, blanket, Pillow Pet, hygiene kit, Kleenex, toys, crayons and coloring book, and more." WOW! Giving is truly a blessing, and I will also receive this shirt which I can wear and possibly get questions about it so I can share this cause with others.

If you are at all interested, go to sevenly.com and look at the other items they have for purchase. Also read up on Sevenly's mission and team. This organization donates to a different cause every week by selling clothing with a design that represents the cause. I am blown away by Sevenly and what they are doing. I would be so happy to be a part of an organization such as this. So check it out and if you can't purchase a shirt, share it with your friends! If it's just the design you don't like, or if the cause doesn't speak to you, then check back next week for one that will!

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