When I Was a Youngin'

Do you ever think of things you did/said when you were younger and cringe? I do. But I also laugh. I may have been ridiculous, but I even find myself cute for just being so darn young and naive. Is that conceited? Probably. Oh well. Just look at this picture and tell me you don't agree. You can't, can you??
My cousins and I. We keep trying to convince Dan that we need to recreate this picture but he refuses. Lame.

1. I was extremely competitive, and an extremely sore loser. One New Year's Eve, when I was maybe 10, my parents decided to teach me how to play Risk. So here I am, my first time ever playing, and I was convinced I would win. But when both of my parents ganged up on me and kicked me out of the game? I cried. I literally pouted the rest of the night. I mean, what kind of parents don't let their child win ALL games, am I right?? I continue to hate losing to other people. I even got upset the other day that the 10 year old I nanny beat me at Monopoly...I think I need help.
2. I was a very sheltered child. One day I was sick and was left home alone. I decided to be a rebel and watch MTV. "Milkshake" by KELIS was on...and I definitely had no business watching that. Why did she make so many milkshakes?? And why did all the boys want them so badly?? This was seriously the raunchiest thing I had ever seen at the time, and I felt so cool watching it. And possibly a little dirty.

3. Speaking of being sick. One day in elementary school I threw up in the bathroom. I went to the nurse and she called my parents. At first I was super excited, as any kid would be at getting to go home early. But then I saw the lunch menu for the day and it was nachos, my absolute favorite hot lunch the school served. I immediately told the nurse that I felt much better and I wanted to stay at school. She gave me a weird look and told me to shut up and wait for my parents (not really, but she may as well have).

Stick around and I'll soon post a "things I believed when I was a youngin'" post. They're equally as ridiculous.
Are there any stories about your younger self that just make you laugh?

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  1. And seriously, who makes milkshakes in their yard? Where are your electrical outlets? How do you keep them cold?? Where do you store the ice cream?? ;)

  2. hahhahaa awesome. I was such an embarrassing kid!

  3. Hahaha. Wow. Remind me to NEVER play anything competitive with you! Ugh, I'm going to have Milkshake stuck in my head now. Thanks a lot. :p

  4. Hahaha! I am the same way with games... so competitive. I kind of hate it about myself, but I also really enjoy the adrenaline rush from simple board games... still! Haha!


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