New Year's 2014

Whoops! I totally forgot about my catch up posts. My last catch up post was the wedding. And next up, New Year's Eve! Dillon and I made plans with my cousin and her fiance, and then our mutual friend (and both of our old roommate) Toni and her boyfriend, to go to...........drumroll please......the casino!!! Surprising right?

It was super packed and the only open spaces were in the high stakes room, so Tricia and I let the boys do their thing while we cheered them on. Basically, we drank, talked, and drank some more. Luckily the boys were able to put down their chips long enough for a New Year's kiss, but then it was right back to black jack. It was still an amazing New Year's and 2014 has already been pretty great!
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  1. Sounds fun! You look so pretty! And I love those shoes!

  2. What fun! Looks like you had a blast ringing in the New Year!!! :-)

  3. You went to a casino for new years?? I have to admit, I've never thought of doing that. Did they give you free booze?!


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