Hey! A Fun Weekend!

I finally had a memorable weekend! I usually work 12 hour days both Saturday and Sunday, but I was able to have this Sunday off. My best friend Jamie moved to Texas last August, which is just stupid, but she came home to visit and so I took a day off to see her!

I left work Saturday night and drove straight to her house. It was pouring rain and usually I don't mind driving in the rain, but the visibility was awful. It was actually a little scary. So once I got to her house I wanted nothing but to cuddle in bed and drink wine with her. But our friend Beca pretty much said "F you we're going out." Haha. It was already late so we just went to Applebee's for appetizers and drinks. But you know what? I didn't take a picture - in typical Emily form. So I guess it didn't really happen, right? But here's a picture of us from my 21st birthday!
Sunday was the absolute best! We went to a Cubs spring training game with her mom, aunt, and sister.
They played the Royals and while I have no ties to either team, since Jamie is from Chicago, I obviously rooted for them. Meanwhile, I was singing Royals by Lorde the entire time and this happened:
I swear they both love me...

Afterwords we went to Portillo's which is an Illinois based fast-food restaurant. There are only a few of them outside of Illinois and thank goodness there are a couple in Arizona!! It was my first time eating there and I got a breaded chicken sandwich on a croissant with fries. It was absolutely delicious. It's probably a good thing the only two are over an hour away from me because it's a little expensive and I know I would want to eat there every day. If you ever get the opportunity to eat at Portillo's, you need to do it!
Unfortunately I had to work this morning so I wasn't able to spend another night with Jamie. It wasn't even 24 hours together, but I am just really happy that we got to see each other again. We're the kind of friends who can go months, and months, and months, without seeing each other but we're still able to pick up right where we left off, as if we had just seen each other the day before. It's unfortunate that we do go that long without seeing each other, but I love that we have that kind of friendship. Until July, best friend! Love you!

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  1. I just have to say GO ROYALS!!! :)

    Oh, and I'm glad you had a fun weekend!


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