Road Trippin' It

I just got back from an amazing weekend in Colorado. This was probably one of the best trips I have ever had for multiple reasons. Of course, being with Dillon is always wonderful. We didn't do too much but we had a lot of time together which was great. But what made this trip better than the others is that I got to go on a road trip with three other girls. Some (most) might think I'm crazy for enjoying driving that much - it is a 13 hour drive from Tucson to Colorado Springs, so twenty. six. long. hours. total of driving in a car. How crazy is that?? Us USAFA girlfriends are known to be pretty crazy, though. ;)

I had a whole huge paragraph mapping out every detail of our trip, but that bored me, even. Haha. So let me just say we broke up the trip into manageable driving times and I have never had such a blast being stuck in a small car with three other people. We talked about everything, you never would have guessed some of us had just met for the first time. As hard as it was for me to be supportive of Dillon going to the academy, I have to say I am so incredibly thankful that it has brought me to so many amazing friendships with even more amazing girls.
And then we finally made it to the Academy!! Dillon and I went and bought some wine and a movie and stayed in at the hotel for the night, which was perfect. We watched Gravity, and after splitting a whole glass of wine, that movie got to me. Spoilers if you haven't seen it. But when George Clooney let go of Sandra Bullock so she could live I legitimately started bawling. Like huge sobs. I think it's also because Dillon fell asleep on me, but whatevs. Don't mix that movie and wine people, you will get irrationally emotional.

Saturday we went to lunch and then we caught the last few innings of the USAFA baseball game. It's strange now that Dillon isn't on the team, but his roommate's girlfriend was also in town and we have been talking for a few months so we were excited to finally meet! Also, the Falcon's swept the number 20 team in the nation and are now on their longest winning streak in the program's history. So that's pretty sweet! That night we met up with Lily and her boyfriend Taylor (Dillon and Taylor went to Germany together last summer so know each other) at Edelweiss, which is a German restaurant in the Springs. We got some beer which was really good and then went and saw Oculus together. The only way I can watch scary movies anymore is if I am slightly tipsy...so we spiked our Icee's and enjoyed the movie. ;)

Sunday was really nice because instead of waking up and only having a few hours before I had to be at the airport, I had all day since we weren't starting our drive back until 7pm. So we went and ate breakfast, saw Captain America, and then went to my cousin's house for Easter dinner. And oh my goodness, their dog just had puppies and they were the cutest. things. ever. And they made Dillon happier than I have ever seen him. Just look at this:
This is Dillon while waiting for Easter breakfast.
And this is Dillon holding a puppy. He was seriously in love. We had been talking recently about getting a puppy after we got married and Dillon's dream is to get a lab. And then here they were. These adorable lab puppies just begging us to take one. We seriously considered it for a while, but then decided against it because having a puppy is ruff. Lol I'm funny. But my goodness it was great to hold those adorable pups.
It was so hard to leave without one of those adorable puppies, but alas, we did. We had a little extra time before we were meeting with the other girls, so Dillon and I played a quick game of bowling. And let me tell ya, I like playing against 10 and 6 year olds much better than Dillon. I at least broke 100 so whatevs. Then we went back to the academy and took the mandatory couple pictures in front of the chapel. I had actually never been so close to the chapel before, even though it's gorgeous and like the highlight of the USAFA campus.
Muh love. <3

And then it was back in the car for another 13 hour drive! I have to say though, it was one of the easiest goodbye's we've had. Of course it always sucks to leave him, but the fact that I was getting back in the car to spend more time with three amazing girls made it so much better. We are definitely hoping to do it again next year! And now it's only 27 days until I'm back in Colorado for RING DANCE! 

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  1. I can't believe your ring dance is coming up SO soon! It was an incredible weekend... my best one through Dan's time at USAFA for sure! Enjoy it! :)

  2. ahhh how fun! i'm glad you got to see him and I'm glad you had a good time! 26 hours though?! no thank you hahaha!

  3. I am so excited for you!! Looks like yall had a great weekend and I can't waiiiiiit to see Ring Dance pics! One year left for you! :)


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