I Can be Artsy...Right?

Since this is my last semester, I knew I had to take an art class. I had been wanting to pretty much my entire college career, but had always set it aside for other classes that were actually in my major/minor. I reeeeeeeally wanted to take a photography class; a beginner's class would have been perfect! But my university is apparently stuck up, because only art majors can take even the most basic beginning photography class. Lame, right? Just when I thought all hope was lost, I found an art class titled "Concepts of Photography." Okay. Not exactly what I was looking for but hey, it's something??

After the first class, I knew I had made the right decision. I am seriously loving it! We have gotten to go to a couple art exhibits already, which is awesome. And here's the cool part, a couple of our assignments are actually taking pictures! I wish there were more assignments like this, but I'll take what I can get!

Our first assignment was to show that we could understand the elements and principles of art and design. I had to take two photographs and submit them; one showing off an element of design, the other showing off a principle. Here is what I submitted:

This is my beautiful puppy, Sammy. In this picture I was showing the element of positive space, which is occupied by an element or form. And come on, she's just absolutely adorable, so I'm pretty sure I get cute points. ;)

This picture I have titled "Clouds". I'm super creative, I know. Big clouds like this have to be one of my favorite things ever. In this photo I am displaying the principle of contrast, in which it shows a range of difference between light and dark areas.

So what do ya think?? I'm definitely no professional photographer (haha!) but it was a really fun assignment! And I got a pretty good grade on it, too. :)

Have you taken an art class in college? Or any fun class not in your major?

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