Family Weekend

This post will be super short with just a few pictures of my weekend. It was my last weekend of Spring Break, although I'm still in denial that it is actually over! I spent the weekend with my family, and it was so incredibly nice.


Played HORSE with my dad, mom, and brother.

Drove with my siblings so my brother could ask his girlfriend to prom. 

And this is how he asked her...isn't he adorable? Although some of the credit goes to my boyfriend for giving my brother this idea. (:
(Name blacked out for privacy)

Watched True Grit with my parents, and attempted to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's (I fell asleep, whoops!)


Watched Dillon's baseball game on CBS Game Tracker. He has been injured for the last couple years so he is finally able to pitch a little bit during games and I am so proud of him! So far he has not given up a run! 

Sort of helped my dad wash the cars but mainly took pictures of these adorable animals.



We had a family game night in which we played Dirt (it's a card game that some call Up and Down the River) and Sequence.


Went to church with the lovely family.
Went for a walk with my mom and sister.
Put off leaving as long as I could! I honestly wanted to cry when I was leaving. It was such an amazing weekend, and way too short. 

I absolutely love my family. I have never laughed until I cried so much in one weekend. We are so fun and loving, and I don't know what I would do without them!

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  1. So glad you got to watch your man pitch! I couldn't figure out how to do it haha

  2. What an ADORABLE prom invite! So cute!!!

    Slash, for the life of my your blog will not let me copy your button! haha will you copy and paste it in a reply so I can add it?

    Thanks!! :)


  3. hii! I just came over to your blog and I am so happy I did! I am a new blogger too!! I am excited to get to know you more! Following you now! - Candice

    ps. how cute is that fortune cookie??

  4. I used to LOVE playing HORSE. We have a couple basketball goals at my grandparents' house, and when I was growing up, it was the place to be. Family is the best, and I'm glad that you get along with yours. (:

    Also. The fortune cookie is adorable.

  5. Finally got your button to work! Yay!! Mine is on my right sidebar to grab! (Hopefully there won't be any issue or we are seriously blogger buttoned cursed!haha)

  6. Oh that is the cutest prom proposal! what a great idea from you boyfriend!



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